Joint Freedom Hypnosis Download - Wendi Friesen

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Joint Freedom Download

Release Aches and Pains Naturally


There is a large body of research to support the idea that most chronic physical pain is actually caused by the brain and not the body.  Dr. John Sarno, for example, has a large list of famous clients that have been able to communicate with their pain as opposed to having surgery.

  What he has found is that pain is the brain's way of communicating fear, repression, and anger.  If you learn to communicate with this pain and not give into it, you may find that your pain goes away.


This download will help you release aches and pains by communicating with them.

 You might also find that as your body releases pain and gains flexibility that your mind follows.  It is an endless system.


Track One:      Joint Freedom Introduction
Track Two:      Joint Freedom
Track Three:    Ultimate Stress Relief

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