Iron Man Hypnosis Download-by Wendi Friesen

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Hypnosis for a powerful IronMan mind and body

Train your inner mind

Create energy and stamina

Stop fears, doubts and limitations

I’m Wendi Friesen. For over 20 years I have helped athletes improve their performance and overcome limitations. I have seen athletes exceed their previous skills and endurance and break records in their sport.

IronMan Hypnosis is here!

You train, you are dedicated, you invest in your body and in your sport. Now, create an excellent mental state that will give you the edge you need for your next IronMan competition. I created this with the help of IronMan competitors, showing me what their challenges are, their needs and limitations. I then created the positive and powerful mindset, using hypnosis to embed it and wipe away the negative talk or underlying fears. Hypnosis for any sport is flat out amazing. This is the mind training you must have if you are ready to be your best.

With my new IronMan Hypnosis program you can create a powerful belief about your ability, stamina, pace, endurance and your commitment to finish the race.

First, you will use the three activation sessions that are created for each segment of your IronMan.
You will be actively experiencing yourself in the moment, in the race, feeling stronger than ever.

Swim- While in Hypnosis you will experience yourself in the event. You will be implanting your success in your subconscious mind, create your best pace, be focused  and find your best rhythm.  Your subconscious mind will experience the swim, absorb your beliefs about your strength, focus and tempo and create anchors that are simply a word you use that accesses your zone state while swimming.

Bike- This trance state takes you into the body and mind of you as an excellent bike rider, feeling the consistency, the rest, the energy, the pace and the stamina. You will create three anchors- a word, a visual and a kinesthetic. You will use these to access your subconscious zone state while you are riding. When you finish, you will be embedding a powerful belief about your ride that will stay with you as you ride with power and energy.

Run- When you need it the most, this session will kick you into a steady flow of energy. The hypnosis session will create the focus and steadiness that will propel you to the finish of your run. You will have an anchor that is about being light, feeling light, connecting with your perfect running posture, and staying in your meditative running zone. At the end of this session you will feel the finish line and your personal victory in your soul. Your inner mind, body and spirit will experience it as if it has already happened. Athletes who use hypnosis know that this is one of the most important elements to excel in any sport.

You Got This!

Sleep- You need to sleep, and this session will give you my Blissful Sleep trance experience to fall asleep to. This is a great way to get the sleep you need the night before your race. It will put you to sleep with suggestions to stay asleep all night, and awaken feeling refreshed and energized. Perfect, Yes?

Extreme Endurance- Power up your expectations about your endurance and your ability to stay strong and last long. You will feel more than ready to set your goal on finishing strong and going the distance.

Wake Up Happy- Energy! This morning wake up session is only 15 minutes. It will give you the much needed mindset for having a day filled with energy and stamina. Wake up and smile! You are ready to roll.

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