Inductions ala Wendi- Hypnosis Trance download

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Inductions! Ala Wendi,
instant download


Hypnotherapists will love this

These are inductions that you can use with your clients to become a fantastic hypnotherapist.

Six Recorded inductions that are unique and very creative.

These Are Great for therapists who want to learn a new method for inducing hypnosis.

Find out how they affect you and how fast and deep you go into trance.

I have put several inductions together on one disk. There is no coming up process, just the induction. If you are a hypnotherapist you can learn these inductions by listening to them.

If you are simply a person wanting to learn to go into trance in some very unique ways, you will love these inductions!



Double Induction Fast Trance

Fractionation and progressive relaxation

Pretend Induction

Instant deep trance

Instant trance trigger

Deep Trance Training

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