I'm Full! For Kids- FREE download- Stop Overeating and hunger, Story


Download this session for your child and find out how easily they can change their eating habits, stop their hunger, think about having fun rather than filling up on snacks and sweets.

See the entire series- 12 hypnotic stories
These stories are fantastic for helping your child to eat healthy, love exercise and want to be strong and confident.

This one is free-
I'm Full- Turn off the hungry switch in your brain.

Your child will realize how the brain can make you feel full or hungry, and learn to love drinking water. The story will take your child on a journey into their brain to turn off the hunger. It is fun for the child to explore their own brain and find creative ways to change the way they feel.

Be sure to check out the entire series of Children's fitness and healthy eating. Find them all here, clickety click!

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