Hypnosis for Childbirth Scripts- Download

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Script Book for Childbirth Hypnosis
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Hypno BIrth
Six scripts that will take you and your client through the training step by step. 

Set the triggers for instant deep trance,

Release fears, expectations, stories your client has heard, replace fear with confidence

Train the body to instantly release tension that leads to pain, use anchors, create an instant deep state of trance.

Create a belief about how the body should experience birth- peacefully and gently. Help your client experience their baby's birth by imagining it vividly, create the expectation of ease and choice about the birth.

Instant Deep Trance
Birth Preparation - part one, anchors and triggers for trance
Birth Preparation - part two, deepening procedures to use during birth
Rainbow Bliss- a gentle journey with colors as relaxation triggers
Fear Release- access the unconscious fears and release them gently.
Birthing Bliss- the script to use during the actual birth to deepen trance, use triggers, and create a loving and peaceful space for family and baby.

You can use these scripts as a guideline to create a birthing program of your own, or you can combine them with the childbirth hypnosis video classes to learn the entire method for a gentle birth.

This program is not associated with Hypnobirthing. Wendi Friesen was trained and certified in Hypnobirthing, however this program is not associated with it. These scripts are detailed, thorough and use specific hypnosis anchoring to achieve deep trance during birth, and create a core belief about how the birth will be experienced. You may find that these greatly enhance your hypnobirthing training.



Get the video that teaches you the birth hypnosis process, and the methods you will be using. This video is essential for providing your client with the knowledge and expertise they need.

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