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Download this Experimental Hypnosis program now!

The hypnotic FaceLift experiment.

Download the session and before you listen to it, be sure to take a picture.

1- take a picture of your face, immediately with your webcam or other camera. Make it a neutral expression.
2- Listen to  the session when you are able to be fully in trance.
3- Take an after picture immediately after the session in the same light and same expression.

We will post the pics on a page and see what happens!
I have had a lot of positive reports about this method of releasing stress that affects the face and in creating a more youthful look.

Does it work?

Let's find out!

Let’s play with your brain and try a hypnotic Facelift!
We already know that hypnosis can grow muscle, increase strength, affect cells as they regenerate.
On the Wendi.tv show my peeps asked for a hypnosis facelift.
I say hey that’s crazy.

So I did the trance session live and it seemed to make their faces seem tighter or younger. Some told me they got compliments on her skin the next day.

Do you want to try it out?

All you have to do is agree to take a before and after picture of your face.
1- Just take the photo with a standard expression in the most neutral state possible.
2- Listen to the session while experiencing it fully in trance.

3- When you come out of trance take another picture in the same light.

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