Hunger Blaster- Hypnosis download

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How to Stop Hunger and Cravings on an HCG diet, or any Very Low Calorie Diet.

Everyone is doing it!

       And losing a lot of weight like never before.

If you are on a Very Low Calorie Diet, especially the HCG diet, you know that you need to be rock solid on feeling full, eating slow, letting go of cravings and being in control.

When I made this session, I was so amazed at how full I was afterwards. I had not eaten in a couple of hours, but I felt so full the rest of the day I just couldn't eat.

It happens to me all the time.

When I record a session I wear headphones and I seem to get the full effect of the session. And this time, I felt so full and satisfied that I had a hard time eating even a few bites for the rest of the day.

Why does it work?

You know that your mind has to be in the game for any diet to work. You have to be committed to your very core. You need self discipline like never before. You need to NOT fight cravings.

Is it this simple to stop hunger and cravings?

It is. Hypnosis affects your hunger and cravings at the source- in your subconscious mind and in your brain's response to hunger signals.
Even if you feel you could never last long on a low calorie diet, it can be much easier when you use hypnosis to feel full after just a few bites.

Need some self control? This is the brain transformation that you need now.

No Matter what diet or eating plan you are on, this will stop your cravings, reduce your hunger and increase your energy.

This Program is made of two very valuable sessions. The hunger blaster, and the stomach shrinking session and a bonus! The Pocket therapist session to banish cravings in just 4 minutes any time of the day or night.

1- Introduction to the Very Low Calorie Diet
2- Feel Full Fast
3- Stomach Shrink
4- Pocket Therapist Stomach Shrink,  to make you feel full fast, to help you correct a craving or hunger almost instantly. This session is about 3-4 minutes long.

I know this will help you be in the beautiful body you desire.

After all, it is all in your mind.
And the effects of this hypnotic transformation will last long after your diet is done.

To keep the weight off you will need to have your mind in the game and a strong sense of self discipline. Let's make it happen easily, and keep the weight off!

Tracey used it and this is what happened to her instantly-

Dear Wendi,

Well, this time you have really done it.  I have been a long time user of your hypnosis products and your New "Low Calorie Diet Support" program is amazing.  I started listening to the "Stomach Shrink" session and the induction was so powerful, I felt myself going deep into a lovely state of bliss.  I heard every word spoken but at the same time was so relaxed I was just floating in a dream state.  What a peaceful feeling.  When I was finished, I was full of energy.  My kids had just gotten home from school and were in the kitchen and living room with their typical after school snacks.  I had no interest in what they were eating at all!  It was an INSTANT CHANGE!  I really had no sense of hunger or even interest in eating.  I felt as though I had just had a meal and it had been about 3 hrs since I had. This is really exciting because compulsive eating has always been an issue for me.  I love all your products Wendi and this is certainly top notch!  I'm thrilled to feel like I have control over my eating habits and can't wait to see the results.


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