Ho'oponopono -Hypnosis Download -by Wendi Friesen

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 Joe Vitale introduced us to the Hawaiian healing ritual that creates miraculous shifts in our awareness and has produced unexplainable healing. While I was in Hawaii with my retreat group we had a day of my new Hypno'oponopono which uses the same phrases while in trance, and applies these phrases to events, people and experiences.

Experience it now!

Don't take this trance session lightly. If you were in Hawaii with me and experienced the true power of these phrases you know what I am talking about.
If you have not yet experienced it with me, think about this.

What if you listen to this and it actually does heal your emotional wounds?
How would you feel if suddenly a weight is lifted and you come out of your depression?
If you are struggling with physical pain or illness, would you be open to accepting a miraculous healing as a result of the power of these three phrases as they are applied to your past, present and future?

I don't know why, but these phrases do have power.
This morning I sat down to record this and I was moved. It was probably the most profound session I have recorded.

When I did the Hypno'oponopono on my live show last week there were hundreds of  people with tears streaming down their face.
Because sometimes we just don't know how to let go, forgive, acknowledge or express the meaning of "I Love You".

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Please take a moment to purchase this and experience something that might just change you forever.

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