Happy Tummy Hypnosis Download - Wendi Friesen

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Happy Tummy


A hypnosis session to alleviate food issues in the stomach and intestines.

Fear rests in our stomach and intestines.
Emotional conflicts settle in the cells in our intestines. Certain foods can trigger the emotional and physical responses in the cells when a food or ingredient causes a conflict.

Use this session to end your issues with food and to stop the IBS symptoms. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Find the source of the food discomfort, the foods that create a conflict,  and resolve it.
Create a consistent and regular schedule for your intestines to do their duty. (or doody, if you like)
You will stop the emotional reactions in your cells, and your inner mind will find the best way to resolve the stomach and digestion issues and gain control.

You will probably feel better within a day or two.

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