Golf Hypnosis Download- by Wendi Friesen

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Golf Hypnosis
The Mental Edge

Use powerful hypnosis strategies to Master the Mind Game
Wendi Friesen is a golf hypnosis expert that can eliminate your
golf problems in just minutes.
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Wendi Friesen has helped golfers around the world overcome the mental and emotional issues in their game.
From weekend golfers to circuit and teaching pros, her methods have become essential in creating the most powerful mind game possible.

The unique combination of Hypnotherapy and NLP will create a massive change in your game.
Fears will subside instantly.
Confidence will kick in, even on the tense shots.
You will not be intimidated by other players.
Your long and short game will be better than ever!

Seven Hypnotherapy Sessions

Session One- Anchoring the Zone state. While in hypnosis you will recreate your ZONE state and create powerful anchors that imprint the physiology, the mental state, and all conditions of your zone state. Use these simple anchors (auditory, visual and kinesthetic) when you are on the course and need to get back into your best game.

Session Two- Anger into Excellence- Anger can take your power and leave you weak and vulnerable. This session will give you a new response to anger. The hypnosis process will instantly make your anger something that focuses you on being better, quicker and stronger. You will not lose your temper, rather you will funnel it into a better performance.

Session Three- Modeling Excellence- You will hypnotically enter the mind and body of one of your favorite golfers. During this process your subconscious mind will be asked to absorb certain skills and abilities and attitudes. How about absorbing that cool, calm, unshakable demeanor! This one is pure gold.

Session Four- Five Minute Relax to the Max- This session will help you learn a 5 minute technique that you can use on the green or anywhere, anytime! This program is something you will use for many purposes. Use this to stop anxiety and panic and fear, to learn the art of self hypnosis and to create a healthy and balanced condition in your body and mind. This session is perfect for those who get frustrated while putting!

Session Five- The Intuitive Putt- the most amazing putting hypnosis ever. Your mind’s eye will assess the conditions, and create an intuitive sense that will take all the conditions into account before you putt. You know your subconscious mind is your master. Why not let it help you sink those 20 foot putts with ease? You will be amazed after just one session. This is the one you may have heard on the GOLF RADIO SHOW live, when I hypnotized 12 golfers to putt like a pro.

Session Six- Core Confidence- You will blast through your fears, discover your worthiness, and feel confident in any situation.

Session Seven- Power Programming- Using Power Programming you will amplify your zone state. You will enjoy the game more, feel confident and relaxed. You will have your "best game ever".

Master the mind game, with these seven processes to achieve the mental edge.
Learn to Model excellence, set anchors and access your best state of mind and body. You will enjoy the game more, feel confident and relaxed.
You too, will have your "best game ever"!

You will create anchors that will access your state instantly. Find out how good you can be and how to have excellence- effortlessly.


Wendi Friesen is available for private golf pro sessions, workshops or group training at your location or in Boulder, Colorado

Email to get help for your mind game.

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