Foreign Language Mastery- hypnosis download

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Language Mastery

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   Are you studying a new language?

          Are you getting frustrated with the complexity of learning?

                Do you need to immerse your brain in the language and make it easier?

I have created a unique process to allow your mind and body to absorb the meaning, feel and experience of the language you are learning.

It is a struggle to learn a language because your brain is trying to interpret every word. In this program you will shift your brain into a different awareness of language. You will imagine yourself in an experience of being fluent in the language and in the culture.

Students of many languages tell me that this method speeds up their comprehension, speaking and understanding of their new language.

Can you accelerate the learning process?

This might be the missing link in the process of learning and becoming fluent in your new language.


This hypnosis program-

Start with the unique double induction that will put you into a deep trance and accelerate your understanding of a foreign language. Hypnotically enhance your ability to hear sentences and concepts without interpreting every word. The double induction includes voice layers and a unique left and right brain segment.

Your mind will experience the full awareness of absorbing the meaning of a new language. You will not have to listen and interpret individual words, instead you will teach your brain to understand  in a broader way. People who use this tell us it is just amazing at their new ability to speak and understand a foreign language. 

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