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Free Your Mind
Do you deserve to be wealthy?
Is it your right to be rich?
Are you worthy of success?

Financial Abundance

A Life Changing program for you-  with Wendi Friesen
Online course, instant access to each day's material, MP3s and book.

   Are you constantly worried about money or future finances?

      Are you ready for a truly abundant life?

          Manifest the most worthy mindset possible!

Create an effortless painless happy life and love every minute of it

Who am I? Why is my program so effective?

I am Wendi Friesen, and I have discovered a unique and dramatic way to reprogram the patterns in the subconscious mind that affects every aspect of daily life.. Over 8000 people have discovered my method. Radical? You bet. This mutli-layered approach will move you in the direction you want to go, NOT just help you manage your weakness.

You will permanently cement the values and emotional strength that will make you easily realize that you will be just financially happy and comfortable. You will simply successful, someone who used to want what you have now. It's that simple!

How can it work if it is so simple?
You will do the work that restructures the way your brain reacts to triggers. You will stop the addictive patterns in your subconscious mind. You will create layers of values that determine who you are NOW, that support the absolute belief that you will succeed.

ONLINE COURSE with PERSONAL help from Wendi.
Eight sessions and book  and downloads, that will catapult you into an abundant life. Daily journal challenges with interactive exercises that take you step by step through the course.

One- Releasing the blocks to success. Identify what your "wall" is and feel the freedom of breaking through limits .

Two- Parts therapy. Find the part of you that continues to sabotage your success. Learn about it's positive intention and discover what it needs in order to allow you the freedom to make money.

Three- Future Timeline. Explore your future timeline to find out how your mind really projects your future. Talk with your future self and find out what you need to know from your future self, in order to have success.

Four- Outcomes. Write your outcomes (like goals, only better) in the journal and then experience them on your future timeline. Placing them in your mind's future timeline, then experiencing them as real, will blast you out of your comfort zone!

Five- Manifest. Learn the art of manifesting your desire, sending it out into the universe as energy, and creating a magnetic force that will bring to you EVERYTHING you need to succeed. This one is really fun. Miraculous actually!

Six-The Swish- a simple, yet powerful process to eliminate negativity, release old limiting beliefs and replace them with solid, powerful beliefs. You will use this process for many of your inner conflicts and emotional blocks.

Seven- Temple of Wisdom. A sanctuary in your mind where you go for advice and wisdom to solve problems and make the best possible choices. You will meet a wise sage who knows all about you and knows what is best for you. You can find answers and direction and clarity about the best move to make.

Eight- Direct Suggestion- Listen as you fall asleep and reinforce the belief that you are confident, creative, magnetic, wealthy, and deserving of all good things.


Read about Wendi's abundance training
in the Financial Times

Discover the secrets of wealth in your subconscious mind...
Manifest abundance and find out how good it feels to be free from fear and pain about money.

Abundance means many different things to all of us. For some it means having their needs met, having no fear of starving... for others it is about dedicating their lives to the single minded pursuit of excellence in their field. And for others, it means acquiring wealth, the kind of wealth the gives them choices to live a materially rewarding life or to hand down the dream of security to their children. Whatever it means for you is personal. Your issues with money and success are deeply rooted in your upbringing. You learned that money is the root of all evil. You learned that money can't buy happiness. You learned that it if you work hard, really hard, you can be successful.

BUT- and this is a big but- you probably never learned about the ENERGY OF MONEY. You were not taught the principles of manifesting abundance, creating powerful, motivating beliefs, and how to visualize your success until your subconscious accepts it as real. And you NEVER had the amazing chance to discover how you can create wealth almost effortlessly. You believed what you were told about working really hard, nothing comes easy, life is hard, and that money doesn't buy happiness.

"But Wendi, are you saying that money does buy happiness? How could you be so bold?" Because I know that I am much happier when I have food in my belly, electricity in my light bulbs, and a car that won't leave me stranded. YES I am happier when I am not in a constant state of fear about what is going to happen next. My relationships with family, friends, and clients is all vastly greater when I am making money. I have time and energy to enjoy my family, be creative in my seminars and trainings, and know I can be generous with others.

If you are ready, NOW , to take your fears about success and finally resolve them... you are in the right place.

If you are ready to discover your inner secrets about self-sabotage (even if it is ugly and embarrassing) and annihilate them...
you are in the right place.

If you are ready to find out how exhilarating it is to be worthy and deserving of wealth and abundance, (even if you are really scared right now)...
you are in the right place.

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