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Are you struggling with Infertility?

Have you tried fertility treatments and failed?

Are you getting ready for In-vitro fertilization and want to increase your probability of pregnancy?

Hypnotherapy can release your fears and stress of infertility.

Studies show that the stress and anxiety of infertility can affect the ability to get pregnant.

In other words, the harder you try the worse it can get.

How does Hypnotherapy help with Infertility?

Stress affects many physical functions in our bodies. The stress of infertility may be creating an imbalance in the hormones. The affect on the hormones can either prevent the egg from being released or prevent the egg from implanting in the uterus.

The fear of infertility in itself can create a stressful condition in the body that further prevents pregnancy.

Reducing stress is known to enhance the immune system, restore hormonal balance and create the change needed to have a healthy body that will accept and nurture a pregnancy.

How Does Hypnotherapy help the body support a healthy pregnancy?

Hypnotherapy can find emotional issues that may be creating an imbalance in the mind and body. Having fear, uncertainty, depression, confusion and even anger at your body for not being pregnant can all affect a woman's chances of becoming pregnant.

Hypnotherapy can look for negative emotions and beliefs that may dramatically affect the body. If you have deep anger or resentment about your ability to have a baby, your body is listening. To achieve a balanced state of mind and body you will need to create a nurturing environment to feel peace and comfort rather than anger or resentment.

I talked to a fertility doctor and she said that women who have fertility issues are different in several ways. She was aware that their stress level changed them. She thought that the disappointment, the effort and the frustration was taking its toll on their emotional state and on their body.

Are you ready to create the most loving,
nurturing body and mind for fertility?

I can help you. While there is no guarantee that hypnosis will allow you to become pregnant, it is possible to create the most harmonious condition possible.  A content, peaceful body and mind will affect your hormonal balance.  When your hormones are affected by negative emotions your reduce your chances of getting pregnant, so it makes sense that releasing your inner conflict and creating a warm and welcoming state of mind will affect your body in a powerful way.

Resolve your deepest issues about pregnancy

There are two sessions that will affect show you what might be holding you back from welcoming a new life.  The session you experience will do a deep analysis through a metaphorical journey. During this exploration you will discover the issues that have created negative thoughts or beliefs about being pregnant.

You will also experience a session for physical, emotional and spiritual cleansing. You will go deep into your subconscious to find what you have been holding onto that might be affecting your bodies reproductive system.
Next you will release the unconscious beliefs and negativity and bring in a beautiful state of acceptance. This state of acceptance will allow you to feel more open to having a pregnancy.

Fertility program for Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy Sessions, to help you release anxiety and worry about infertility, learn meditation and create a peaceful place within. These three sessions will help you explore your deepest issues, release them and create the most positive condition in your body to welcome a pregnancy.

Research For Fertility

Research has shown that hypnosis for fertility doubles the success of IVF treatment. Researchers at Soroka University in Israel found that 28% of woman in the group that were hypnotized became pregnant compared to 14% of those were not hypnotized.

The researchers found that hypnosis had a significant effect on a successful embryo transfer in In Vitro Fertilization. This research involved 185 women.

When the embryo is transferred the condition of the uterus is important. The psychological distress in women is found to affect fertility. Hypnosis was found to be very effective in this study.
(Fertility and Sterility May 2006. Vol. 85, Issue 5, Pages 1404-1408)
Dr. Alice Domar from the Mind Body Behavioral Medicine Fertility Program at Harvard reports that “Infertile women report elevated levels of psychological distress and this distress may reduce their chances of conceiving. Mind/body treatment has been shown to be effective in both significantly increasing pregnancy rates as well as reducing psychological stress http://www.conceivethepossibility.com/research/

Women with depressive symptoms were half as likely to conceive as women who were not depressed.

In a study of 151 women in an IVF cycle the chance of a live birth was 93 percent higher in women with the highest positive-affect score. This shows the researchers how psychological stress can adversely affect the outcome.

Several studies prove the effectiveness of hypnosis and meditation to increase the pregnancy rate in infertile couples. This CD will release the conflict in a woman's body and allow her to balance the hormones, and create an optimum state to accept a pregnancy. Even in vitro treatment has been proven more effective with hypnosis. You can let your body relax and listen to it's natural wisdom.

Create the optimum condition in your mind and body to invite a state conducive to pregnancy. Research shows that fertility can be affected by mind body therapies such as hypnosis, meditation and other mindful practices. Releasing the stress and creating a calm, peaceful environment in your body will help balance the hormones needed to allow the fertilization and implantation of an egg.

The first session, ReBalancing, will help you learn to relax and be in a peaceful trance state. During this trance state you will release the conflicts, negative thoughts and events of the past that may be affecting you. This session will also ask your mind and body to allow sex to be about love, connection and pleasure.

The next session, HypnoAnalysis, is a process to show you where your true issues are and restore a spiritual and emotional state that will give you peace that may help the mind and body to be receptive to pregnancy.

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