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Release the mental and emotional stresses
that cause vision problems.

See your future of better eyesight today- instant download

Vision improvement is experienced in many ways. Your belief about your eyesight, the stress levels in your life, the physical condition of your eyes, and the emotional aspects all contribute to eyesight becoming worse or improving.

Using hypnotherapy methods may improve your eyesight. This improvement happens by approaching it from many aspects.

The emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual conditions all can contribute to improvement by creating the highest state of physical health, doing eye exercises, resolving emotional conflicts, creating a mental belief that you can restore good sight, and releasing any energetic conflicts.

As you listen to the sessions you may begin to notice sudden improvement, or you may notice a gradual change including the change in color perception, detail, ability to focus and adapt to contrast and light.

Use the program daily, especially at night as your are falling asleep and allow your brain to create clearer, sharper vision.

This program has a one year money back guarantee.
Eyesight Excellence will lead you through eight hypnosis sessions that will take you on a journey to the internal workings of your eyes.

The hypnotherapy session will release any emotional or traumatic memories that might affect your vision. You will also experience the process of interpreting signals by the brain, the emotional and mental aspects of vision, create a belief that your eyesight is getting better, and improve color and clarity by affecting the way the brain interprets vision.

1 Introduction
2 Cellular Communication 
3 Eye Health
4 Direct Suggestion 
5 Blueprint 
6 Release Negative Energy
7 Direct Suggestion
8 Eagle Eye Vision 
9 Direct Suggestion 
10 Hypnotic Fountain of Youth
11 Eye Exercise
12 Introduction to Healing
13 Five Minute Healing
14 Three Minute Healing

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