Endurance- Sports hypnosis download

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Seeking more physical stamina and strength?

           Do you want to push yourself past your perceived limitations?

                     Improve your fitness, run farther, last longer.


Push your training to a new level. Program your mind to go beyond your physical limitations in any sport or workout or competition.

This is great for runners who need to more stamina, weight lifters who want to increase their strength, or competitive sports for those who need to stay focused and on their game up to the end.

 You will imagine and experience yourself going beyond your usual limits and create a belief in your subconscious mind that you are reaching well beyond your goal.

Athletes know the value of the mindset. And to have endurance for any sport your mind has to reach beyond what you perceive your limits to be.

In this hypnosis session you will create a deep belief that you have endurance to go beyond your previous limits, you have more than enough energy and you feel better and stronger as you push through.

Every athlete needs to experience this!
It will change you.


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