Dry At Night- hypnosis for Bedwetting- download

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Bed wetting Relief for Kids

Stay dry at night!

Tried everything to help your child stop wetting the bed?

Is your child sad, embarrassed, or frustrated?

Hypnotherapy for bed wetting is recognized and approved by the AMA

This program will teach kids how to be in control as they sleep.


1. Magical Mind Journey

2. Special Story

3. For Parents

How does it work?
Hypnotherapy is safe, enjoyable and enlightening. For children it is like having a guided daydream.

In this program, your child will simply listen to the story and follow along with the journey into their brain and body. The guided journey will take him/her inside of the brain to the place where they create a switch that helps keep that 'special place' closed tight all night. Next, the child goes down inside of the body, exploring the way the brain tells the body what to do.
The child will then experience the part of their body that will learn to stay 'closed tight all night' and send that message back to their brain.

The next story is a celebration for the child, to let go of worry and fear, replacing that with the confidence that they have outgrown their bedwetting problem and they are now done with that.

This hypnotic journey into their brain and body creates the control needed, and also creates the right messages that the subconscious mind needs while asleep.
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