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Hypnosis Download to relieve back pain, From Wendi Friesen.

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Are you suffering with chronic back pain?

Have you tried everything and your
back pain is still ruining your life?

Are you afraid to continue using pain medication?

If you are ready for an amazing change
hypnosis can stop your back pain.


All the doctors, chiropractors and surgeries might miss the emotional cause.

How does Hypnosis work to stop back pain, sciatica and even bulging discs?

Hypnosis has been proven to reduce and eliminate back pain. Research shows that much of what you experience as pain, is being felt in the brain.
Placebo studies, show the effect of reducing pain by convincing the brain to stop the signals that intensify the pain. Back pain has been eliminated in people who received sham surgeries (no procedure was done) and got only stitches. They awoke thinking they had back surgery. In a significant amount of the participants, their back pain was cured.

What does this tell us?

The experience of pain can often be a problem of the brain. Even though the pain is very real, the brain can continue the pain even when there is no physical cause. Emotional trauma, stress, anger, unresolved hurt or rage- are all a component of back pain. In the book The Mind Body Prescription, Dr. John E. Sarno shows the connection and effects of rage and back pain. He has cured 1000s with his method of finding the root cause of the back pain and resolving it.

Hypnotherapists see this all the time. Remove the emotional pain and the physical pain is gone.

Read my story of healing my horrible, debilitating back pain... below.


Now you can experience hypnosis and feel the relief as your back pain heals and your brain releases the stress and tension that was making the pain worse.BackPainGone-medium

Relief is on the way!

I am Wendi Friesen, and before I learned about hypnosis, I had horrible back pain. About 4-5 times a year, my back would “go out” and I would be stuck in a painful position, unable to even get out of bed to go to the bathroom at times. I was mad, frustrated and feeling hopeless.

Doctors and chiropractors told me there was nothing they could do, that my back would continue to degenerate and I would have to live with it.
Pain pills helped a little, especially if I had a glass of wine with them. But that is a dangerous road to go down.

When I learned hypnotherapy, I began to understand how our emotional issues are tied to our pain, and how the stress levels in our brains can actually create a flood of chemicals in our body that creates inflammation, tightness and spasms in the muscles.
The problem in my back was REAL!
But was it caused by my emotional state that started in my brain?

Becoming a Hypnotherapist opened my eyes and eliminated my back pain.


As I learned how the mind works, as you will soon, I realized that I had some control over my cells and my pain. I started working with clients and saw their pain go away, help them release headaches, joint pain, back pain and much more.

During my early years as a Hypnotherapist, I realized that I had not had a back problem in over a year. This seemed strange, but I was happy to realize that all the work I had done on myself to release emotional issues and create a healthy physical state had a lasting effect on my back.

I have been completely free from back pain for over 10 years. I used to spend weeks flat on the floor unable to move. Now I have a full and very active life. No pain!

Now it is time for you to get relief.
I can help.
And if you are ready to learn how to train your brain to let go of the pain, simply listen to this BACK PAIN GONE, CD program 2 times a day.

Dear Wendi!

It's working! I am almost afraid to believe it, but I feel fabulous yesterday and this morning. I have used the CDs three times now and I feel great. I had a somewhat bad dream last night, but my reaction to it this morning was "so what?" I had no headache or body stiffness (have been listening to your Pain CD. ).
Thank you so very, very much. I can't thank you enough. I am going to your site and ordering some more.
Elaine Johnson

Get started now, Instant download

As you know, I have created a lot of hypnotherapy programs. The back pain program might be one of the most important ones I have, because so many people are undergoing surgeries that just don’t help, and getting addicted to pain medications that barely mask the pain.

Hypnosis is effective in stopping pain and bringing relief to your back and neck.

In most cases, back pain has a substantial emotional component and releasing the underlying stress and conflict will result in greatly reduced pain and frequency of back pain.

The sessions on this program will take you step by step through the mental aspects, the emotional conflicts, and help you find any secondary gain issues.

 Back Pain Gone  

In 2004-2005 I had terrible pain in my back. I work trade shows and could hardly make it back to my car after a day on my feet. I had the back injections, it didn''t work. I have the X-rays and MRI of the squished disk between the 5th and 6th vertebrae.

After listening to the back pain disk I am now walking the golf course every morning like I use to before the pain got out of control.

Thanks! John D from WI

Secondary gain is common with chronic pain
It means that there may be a positive intention behind the pain. Your inner mind may actually be trying to achieve something by having the pain.

Part 1
1 Introduction
2 Relaxation and deep healing
3 Symbols and Metaphors
4 Intro to Parts Therapy
5 Induction
6 Parts Therapy
Part 2
1 Intro to Timeline
2 Induction
3 Future Time Line
4 Self Talk
5 Deep Sleep- Healing
Part 3
Video CD
Emotional Freedom Technique Watch this video on your computer to learn how to relieve pain by tapping on acupuncture points.

You will learn how to
Go into trance.
Lead your mind into the exploration of your body.
Explore from the inside, how your mind sees your body.
Find the symbol that your mind uses to express the needs of the pain.
Find the part of you that has a positive need for the pain.
Fall asleep with the Deep Sleep Healing state session.
Create a future image of yourself without back pain and program this into your subconscious mind.

My Back Pain Story
The chiropractor told me that I had degenerating disks and that my neck and back would only get worse and worse. I had only been doing hypnosis for a couple of years at that time, but I realized what a powerful suggestion he was making. He showed me x-rays to try to help prove to me that I needed to come in 3 times a week for-like-ever.

I couldn’t bear to think that my back and neck pain was something I had to live with. That was 8 years ago. During my hypnosis training I learned to help others stop pain, find the emotional fuel that fed their pain, and watched them miraculously end chronic pain. What I learned changed my mind.

I learned something from an amputee that changed my mind about pain, forever.
A man from Texas called me, and told me that he had severe pain in his amputated foot. It was so bad that the morphine had no effect.
Well, he had no foot. The morphine could not treat his phantom foot, nor take away the pain from a body part that no longer existed. He also drank a fifth of rum every night so he could pass out, since sleep was out of the question.

Over the phone we did three hypnosis sessions. I asked him to travel through his body to his foot, from the inside. He reported to me that it was still oozing, red, raw, infected, puss filled (need I go on?). I instructed him to take his foot through a healing process, where the tissues are repaired and the bones, skin and nerves all heal. Then I asked him to see his foot from the outside with smooth, healthy skin. We did this three times over a couple of weeks.

A year later he called to tell me that his pain never came back after our sessions. His brain had finally received the message that his foot was healed and the brain no longer had to send and receive messages to try to heal the foot. I’ve worked with many amputees who had torturous phantom pain and had similar success. The pain is in the brain. The results are stunning. As I learned about phantom pain, I thought about my back pain.

About 3-4 times a year I would manage to get my back to go “out” and I would spend the next 2-4 weeks lying on the floor, barely able to get up. If the brain could make phantom pain so real after an amputation, I figured that some or all of my back pain might be caused by some bad juju from my brain.

I started doing hypnosis on my angry self, and went inside my back and imagined that I was healing the tissues, soothing the nerves, even imagining the disks going to their proper places.
At that time, since I had nothing better to do, I did this every 15 minutes. I also told my back that it would be all better the next day. (Not that I believed it. I still had that chiropractors bad juju in my brain as well) Miraculous. The next day my back was mostly better. A little itty bitty ache, but mostly better.

One more day and the rest of the ache was gone. Too weird.

Since I have done hypnosis to stop my back pain, I have had NONE in over 10 years.

You owe it to yourself to experience this.

Dear Wendi,

I have received and have been listening to your pain control CD and I'm finding it very helpful. It is rare that I hear the whole thing before drifting off to sleep, altho last nite I woke up at about 3 a.m. and put your CD on and for the first time I heard the whole thing. I WAS really impressed with your delivery and presentation on the CD I purchased. You are a very talented and perky young woman.

Thanks again...


Ray Juliano, C.R.N.A.

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