Dental Bliss Ultimate- Hypnosis Download by Wendi Friesen

$9.90 $29.90

The new Ultimate Dental Bliss is here!

This session is 50 minutes long. It is a gentle yet deep experience that will transport you to a blissful place and take you into a very deep relaxation.

Hypnosis will help your brain and  mind relax deeply. You will feel no tension, no sensations, just a deep relaxation from head to toe.

During your dental visit, you will emerge feeling refreshed, not stressed. When your mind and body uses hypnosis there is no stress, just a wonderful experience that let's you melt into a totally easy experience where time passes quickly. You emerge feeling really good!

You will be aware during your dental visit, yet feel that you are in a pleasant dream. If your dentist needs your attention you will hear the voice and possibly a touch on your shoulder. You will be able to respond while staying in a pleasant state of trance.

Dentists love this as well! A happy, relaxed patient means a shorter appointment and an easier experience for their patient.

Download it now and use it right away! You will love it.

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