If You Had The Guts- hypnosis download

$14.90 $29.90

If you had the guts to do anything, what you would do? Do you wish you had the guts to do something new, or make a big change?

             Are You Ready to take charge and be powerful?

If fear, or logic, or rational thinking could be thrown out the window, what would you want to try? A new job, skydiving, a new sexual position, a radical life change?

Get ready for the adventure in your mind. Safely explore your adventurous nature and the desires that you have that have been waiting to be unleashed.

What will you do? Each time you experience this download  session you will choose a different doorway that will take you on a new adventure and, if all goes well, set your spirit free. Yea!

Take a chance. See and experience what is waiting for you, if you have the guts.

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