Secret Fantasy for Sexual Adventure- hypnosis download

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Secret Fantasy hypnosis

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This hypnosis session is an intriguing sexual hypnotic session to explore your secret sexual fantasy.

Take a hypnotic journey into an imaginary secret room to find your desires and dreams that lurk in your mind.
Help a lover or friend become more open and curious about their secret fantasies.
Find out what desires are lurking in your subconscious mind, with new ideas for creating pleasure, adventure, role playing and new sensual joy.

You may discover some things about yourself that you didn't know existed.

You will explore this in a very safe way!
As you enter the secret room, you will be allowed to explore and discover your fantasies, experience them within a dreamlike state.

During this session you are told that it is safe to explore healthy and fun new sexual fantasies, and these will not be acted upon in real life, unless they are safe, healthy and in agreement with your partner.

When you find new ideas, desires and experiences in your hypnosis session you will become more adventurous in your lovemaking.
This is a very erotic session.

1. Instant Trance
2. Instant Trance Trigger
3. Introduction
4. Secret Fantasy Exploration

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