Speed Read, Spell Well - Download

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Speed Read

Spell Well

Two amazing processes for adults and children.

This is an Instant Download
Hypnosis will make bad spellers into great spellers.

Want to read faster? Your brain can start reading entire sentences at

one time and increase comprehension and memory.


Teach your brain to spell as a visual process.
Become a faster reader by letting go of the auditory track in your brain that slows you down.

This is great for adults and kids! Instantly turn yourself into a better speller.

  1. Reading speed and comprehension
  2. Instant state of focus
  3. Visual reading
  4. Mind machine
  5. Spelling machine for kids
  6. Spelling machine for adults

READING, RITING AND RYTHMATIC Bad spellers are made, not born. When you were young and your teacher made you sound out the words, your brain decided that spelling was an auditory task. Now as an adult, you try to spell by sounding out words, and it doesn’t work.

You learned to read and the teacher said, sound out the words. You did and further confused your brain. Slow readers are fighting the urge to read while an auditory track is going on in their head. That very annoying voice sometimes reads along with you, and slows you down.

Use this Program to become faster, more focused and more relaxed when you study, take tests or simply sit down to read a book.

Here is what Kim said after she used this program:

I listened to the 1st 2 tracks of the reading CD...and was so excited to read my new book, but...had to go back to editing...deadlines...you know how that goes, anyways I think there might be an added bonus that is unexpected. When I got back into the edit bay, it was really cool. I was able to really focus and wasn't distracted, and even though it was late and I was tired and had a million things on my mind, it didn't matter, the focus and concentration was definitely there. I was like whoa... I think that CD I just listened to made a big difference. I couldn't even remember what was on it, all I knew is that the information I was editing (interviews etc.), and the music video FX were all I was focusing on. It was like I was able to zero in on each aspect of what I was multi- tasking on individually and could really retain everything.
So thanks Wendi, you made my night :)

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