Cool Blue- Hypnosis for Hot Flashes-Download- by Wendi Friesen

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Hey Hot Stuff!
New! Hypnotherapy to stop Hot Flashes
(Hot Flushes to our British Friends)

Find out how the COOL BLUE liquid light can stop your hot flashes and night sweats

Five Hypnotherapy Audio Sessions - Instant Download

1 Introduction-

Research on Hypnotherapy for Hot Flashes
Recent studies show that women who use Hypnotherapy for Hot flashes have reduced them by 80%.

Hypnosis group- 80% reduction
Control group- 8%

This is with only 1 session per week with a Hypnosis visualizations of cool images. The study shows us how willing the mind and body can be to resolve this frustrating time in a woman's life with imbalance. As the hormones shift over during the transition many women suffer for years with Hot Flashes and night sweats.

Maybe you don't have to suffer.

There is a powerful emotional component to hot flashes that is described in this introduction. And you may know that doctors are often at a loss to find something that works really well for hot flashes and night sweats. Hypnotherapy has the power to change the triggers that were causing the problems, balance the hormones and hopefully move your body through the transition faster.

This study or 174 women shows amazing results. The subconscious mind really is the place to look into to stop hot flashes naturally.

My program, COOL BLUE, will probably give you results that will be stunning and change your life so you can live the best time of your life, without years of hot flashes.

2 Cool Blue

In this first session you will learn to program your subconscious mind to sense the very start of a hot flash and instantly change the state of your mind and body. You will create a powerful new trigger that creates a flow of COOL BLUE liquid light into your body, combined with a state of PEACE and COMFORT.

In this first session you will be teaching your body how to sense the very start of it and stop the progression of the Hot Flash. Next, the mind will signal the body to immediately go into a state of deep peace, comfort and balance.

You will also take a journey into your brain to program the hormonal controls to a balanced state. This imaginative method of restoring balance to hormones can have a profound effect on the temperature and condition of the body during a surge of hormones.

Anchors! You will be anchoring this COOL BLUE state with a kinesthetic, visual and auditory anchor. You will use these anchors to diffuse the hot flash anytime, anywhere!

3 Quick Cool Blue

This session will teach your body to respond to the new Cool Blue state very quickly. In this session you will learn the quick technique and embed the new response when your body is starting to have a hot flash. Since the new conditions are anchored into your brain and body, you need repetition to form new neural pathways. This session should be experienced many times to get the strongest neural response to a hormone surge that causes hot flashed.

The anchor is the COOL BLUE light and the word PEACEFUL. Your mind is asked to notice the start of the conflict that initiates the hot flash, even before you notice it on a conscious level. Then, when that happens, your subconscious mind will start the new response of instantly flooding your body with the COOL BLUE liquid light, go into a deep state of COMFORT and access the hypnotic suggestion for a PEACEFUL mind and body state.

4 Release the Conflict

The hormonal surge that causes hot flashes is often triggered by stress, fear, emotional conflict, worry and anger. In many cases something preceded the hot flash and initiated the hormone surge. During this time of transition in your life, your body reacts differently to the emotional conflicts in your life. The effect is an imbalance that causes even more stress, hot flashes and night sweats.

In this session you will enter a state of wisdom, honesty and clarity. You will be led into a heightened state to find the inner conflict that was being triggered and also be led through a process of resolving it.

This session will also make your more aware of the triggers during the day, giving you more insight and wisdom about the things that are unresolved. After this session you will be asked to write down what you experienced, what you discovered and what you can do to to release the inner conflict. This is deep therapy that will transform not just your hot flashes, but your mind, body and soul!

5 Sleep Cool Blue

This is the perfect way to fall asleep!
It is not just about falling asleep or staying asleep. This session is about creating a very healthy mind, body and spirit during sleep. You will be led into a deep sleep state and then you will be given loving suggestions that will tell your inner mind to balance your hormones, create optimum health, become more patient and peaceful and sleeping at the most comfortable temperature all night.

It is important to know that this does not mention night sweats, since we don’t want the mind to hear those words as you are falling asleep. You will be told to sleep at a comfortable temperature, breathing in the COOL BLUE that will keep you balanced and relaxed as you sleep.

You will also go on a journey of imagination that will put you deeper into the dream world, and experience more self love, joy and bliss. During this time as you sleep you will also embrace the beautiful journey of menopause as a loving transition to a fabulous time in your life.

I think you will wake up smiling each morning feeling renewed and refreshed. And if you are having trouble going back to sleep during the night, this program will help you with that as well. You can simply play the program again and go right back to sleep.



If you are struggling with Hot Flashes, get this Instant Download hypnotherapy sessions. You will start feeling better right away.
There is solid proof that it works, you are using a program created by Wendi Friesen so you know you can trust the methods and the voice, and still have the one year money back guarantee!


In the newly published study, they set out to determine if the alternative treatment would do the same in women whose symptoms were related to menopause.

A total of 187 postmenopausal women who reported having at least seven hot flashes a day, or 50 a week, were recruited for the trial.

Half the women were given self-hypnosis training that consisted of five, 45-minute weekly sessions.

During the sessions they received suggestions for mental imagery designed to minimize the intensity of their hot flashes, such as images of a cool place. The women were also given a recording of the hypnotic induction, and they were asked to practice self-hypnosis at home daily.
The rest of the women had an equal number of sessions with a clinician, but hypnosis training was not given.

Instead, clinicians talked to the women about their symptoms and gave them encouragement about how to deal with them. These women were also asked to listen to a recording each day at home, but their recording simply had information about hot flashes.

The study participants kept "hot flash frequency" diaries, and they also wore small sensors on their bodies that recorded their hot flashes.

Hot Flashes Less Frequent and Intense
After 12 weeks:

Women in the hypnosis group reported 74% fewer hot flashes on average, compared with 17% fewer among the other women.
The skin sensors showed a 57% reduction in hot flashes among the hypnosis group, compared to a 10% reduction in the non-hypnosis group.
The women treated with hypnosis were far less likely than the other women to report that their hot flashes interfered with their daily lives and sleep.

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