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Child Birth Hypnosis

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Have you heard stories about birth that worry you?

Are you afraid you will "lose it" during labor?

Do you want a natural childbirth and a peaceful experience?

Hypnosis for Childbirth has been around for decades and has amazed the doctors, nurses and birth assistants when they observe a peaceful birth.

A mother feels the pressure during a contraction, but the pain is often not an element of the labor process. Birth is an intense experience, but with the help of a great hypnotherapy program you can have an amazing experience that is quiet and gentle, and often shorten the labor.

Women all over the world are learning hypnosis for birthing and realizing how powerful their mind and body can be when they choose to stay in control during labor. The doctors, nurses and midwives, while often skeptical at first, see a labor in a new way. The mom goes into a contraction by closing her eyes, going limp and allowing her body to feel waves of bliss as she takes her mind into the experience of waves of anesthesia that flow through her body.

Why is labor shortened?

Many women feel that their labor is shorter with hypnosis. Babies that are born with a hypno birth are said to flow out of the body. The shorter labor, transition and pushing might be due to the lack of resistance from the muscles in the body. A painful labor creates massive tension and resistance to the natural downward movement of the baby. With the body in a constant state of tension it is in conflict with the process of birth. The extremely relaxed body is the perfect environment to allow contractions to move the baby down with less effort. I attended a birth where the baby was born in 2 pushes. The midwives at the birth could not even tell if she was having contractions! That is how peaceful she was.


Women are taught that labor is painful. What did you learn?

Maybe it is a bonding thing. Maybe it is just a woman's way of earning that badge of motherhood. But, the horror stories about birth, whether hearing them from a friend or seeing it in a movie, affect the way women expect their birth to be.
Everything about birth is affected by our expectations. And there is no shortage of stories!
Releasing the fears and misconceptions about painful births is an important part of the process. The session for releasing fears will take you through an amazing and therapeutic healing process.

 You can see several hypnosis births on YouTube and find out how different it can be.

 Hypnosis birth video

This doctor was amazed at how fast labor went and didn't believe she was ready to push because she was so calm.

Video and news story.

Can any woman have a calm Hypnosis Birth?

You can practice for a month or two and get yourself ready for a wonderful birth. Everyone can learn the techniques and let their birth partner assist them or listen to the sessions during their birth. 

My program has several sessions that take you from your preparation to the sessions for labor.

The sessions that are to be used during birth have a choice of music. I have used the same hypnosis session with different types of music backgrounds to give you the experience that will suit you the best.


Reviewer: Christine from Buffalo, NY   
I purchased the Hypnosis for Childbirth CD/DVD set two years ago at the end of my first pregnancy. Though I do not believe I was ever able to fully put myself into a state of hypnosis, I knew enough from listening to the CDs and watching the DVDs on how to relax, in order to make the experience very acceptable and to a point comfortable. I was able to labor 13 hours at home and finally "walked" into the Hospital 9cm dilated and 100% effaced. I delivered my beautiful daughter 1 hour later, completely naturally. I even laughed at the nurse who asked me if I wanted an epidural after I had already started pushing. Self education and control is the key I was able to master with the help of your Hypnosis for Childbirth CDs/DVDs. From my own experience, it was much more reliable than the initial nursing staff I had to deal with at the Hospital. I am now nearing the end of my second pregnancy and am getting back to the basics with your product. Thank you for a wonderful experience, I am looking forward to this next one!


Reviewer: Brigette from Indianapolis, IN

Hi Wendi,
I found your program while searching the internet for tips on natural childbirth. I wasn't opposed to having an epidural, but wanted to at least try to go natural. I used your DVD/CDs starting at 33 weeks. I enjoyed the relaxation that came with the training, and I could tell that my unborn son enjoyed the program as well. He was very active during our sessions!
When my labor began, I wasn't convinced that it was real because the contractions weren't even uncomfortable. The only reason that I called the doctor was because they were coming every 5 minutes for about 7 hours. When we arrived at the hospital, the nurse took her time since I didn't seem to be uncomfortable. When she finally got around to checking me, I was already dilated to 7-8! I progressed so quickly that the doctor hardly made it in time. My son was coming, and quickly! As the doctor walked in, the nurse told me that I could now push. Before I could even push, the baby literally just slid out!
I did experience intense pressure during labor, but I don't believe that it was painful. I would recommend this program to ANYONE

Here is what you will get.

The Labor of Love, Childbirth Hypnosis program

Childbirth- Deep Trance session
In this session you will teach your body and mind to go into trance. This session is a wonderful way to give your body the deepest relaxation state, and to release tension and tightness from every muscle in your body.
If you use this CD often, once or twice a day, you will notice that you go into trance very quickly and will respond to the verbal cues for deep and instant relaxation in the hypnosis birthing sessions.
This session has soft flowing music with Binaural beats. The binaural beats help to synchronize your brain waves to help you relax into Alpha and Theta states for a deeper trance experience.

Childbirth preparation 1- Body of Bliss
This session is a beautiful experience that will melt away tension or tightness. Your mind will learn to relax your body with commands that your birth partner can also use. Your birth partner will be asked to touch your shoulder with the words "Deeper Relaxed Now" and also to lightly stroke your arm from the top of your shoulder down to the tips of your fingers. As you listen to this session you will learn to float away into a blissful state and let your body have a natural anesthesia flowing through your body like a river of bliss.
The background music is Moonlight Sonata

Childbirth preparation 2- Flowing into Birth
In this session you will be imagining your birth and practicing going into trance while imagining the start and end of a contraction. The more your mind practices the imagery and  associates the deep trance state with the process of labor, the easier it will be for you to drift easily into trance with every contraction. You will also be experiencing suggestions about the baby flowing out of your body and the imagery of a rosebud that is opening and blooming to assist in the opening of your birth canal.
Your birth partner can help with the shoulder touch command for deep relaxation and the soft floating fingertips along your arm.
The background music is soft, flowing with Binaural Beats.

Release Fears
You may have heard a lot of stories about difficult births or seen movies of births with mothers screaming and out of control. These images and stories have a powerful effect on the birth expectations. Releasing those fears is an important part of having a peaceful hypnosis birth. In this session you will find those fears in a gentle and nurturing way and release them while your inner mind understands that those experiences are not the way birth has to be. You may also uncover some old feelings or beliefs about birth from long ago. This is a very freeing and enlightening session.
The music on this session is light and happy.

Intro To Labor with Hypnosis
An explanation on how to use the birthing hypnosis sessions, with a partner or without and how to get the very best experience with hypnosis.

Liquid Light, birthing hypnosis (music 1)
LABOR SESSION- this is one that you can listen to during labor. This session takes you on a journey through beautiful colors and sensations that help your mind and body to focus on peaceful feelings. You will feel like you are floating gently in a cocoon of light. The light changes colors and immerses you in a soft sensations. This is a great session to use in early labor, or for a change of pace in later labor.
The music on this session is a beautiful flowing flute with gentle tones in the background.

Liquid Light, birthing hypnosis (music 2)
This is the same session as above with different music. The music on this session is a blissful meditation music with singing bowls (the sound used in meditation with crystal bowls), soft chimes, tones and binaural beats.

Loving Labor, birthing hypnosis (music 1)
The words and trance commands will make your body go into trance during each contraction and the imagery will continue to relax you. In this session the body will continue to be loose and limp so there is no resistance. Hypnosis births often happen faster because the body is not resisting the birth process. The imagery used will continue to open the cervix and birth canal, relax all the muscles in the pelvis and also release any back tightness. Some women feel very secure and in control by using this session continuously during labor. Some women use this several times during labor but also alternate while allowing their birth partner to simply give suggestions and trance commands.
The music on this is the blissful meditation with binaural beats, crystal bowls and soft tones.

Loving Labor, birthing hypnosis (music 2)
This is the same as the above session with different music. This music is a simple piano piece, that repeats a slow, consistent pattern of sweet and nurturing notes. There is an undertone of soft cello as well.

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