Breast Enlargement Script Book- download

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These scripts are intended for use by Hypnotherapists, and they do NOT include hypnosis inductions.

Three sessions of scripts-

Future Timeline - working with the past and future, programming the brain for future growth, allowing your client to create a belief about the shape of their body.

Cellular communication script -
These session works by instructing the body to increase growth of tissue, muscle and fat. This process is very specific for the method of communication with the cells, targeting the growth of healthy tissue to result in breast growth.

Anchoring the physiology that creates growth-
Using this anchoring session will help the mind to re-create that state several times a day, even when the client is not in a hypnosis session. Teach your client about anchoring and how it can stimulate the growth.

Use these scripts with your private clients.

This book includes the research results from several studies that show size increases, and long term results.

These scripts are very effective, and interesting. Each session is about 20-30 minutes long.

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