Brain Massage- Get thin while you sleep download

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Brain Massage! Lose Weight


Got Fat? Get this!

Two hypnosis sessions

Track 1- Live to Eat!

Play it while you sleep, over and over.  (you can also use it anytime during the day)

The two voices swirl and move inside of your mind, to create a massive change in the way you feel about food, hunger, cravings and exercise.

You will love eating healthy foods, have a wonderful enjoyment of food, and eat small portions without craving sugar and carbs.
Imagine this- when you want food, you really are satisfied with the wonderful foods that help you burn fat and have energy.

Yes, you can LIVE TO EAT, by eating healthy foods and feeling more ALIVE than ever!

You will wake up in the morning with an entirely new outlook on life.
Perhaps you will realize that you love the healthy foods, you feel full after a few bites, you lose all interest in sugar, you crave exercise. Cool, huh?

Track 2- Love to Move!

If the couch is your butt's best friend, it is all about to change. This brain massage session is going to get your body breathing, moving, stretching, lifting, running, swimming, hiking, walking or just about anything that is a great workout.

While you listen, you will start to breathe and stretch and you might not make it to the end. You will be jumping up to go for a brisk walk. You probably should NOT use this before bed because it might make you want to get up an work out.. I know you will love using this as much as I loved making it.

Almost an hour of deep suggestions, with double voices (all mine) that move through your head, feeling like a wonderful massage for your brain.

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