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Brain Massage

Manifest Everything

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A unique experience for your brain.
Most people who listen to my 3D double voice inductions, tell me that they feel like their brain is being massaged. The voices seem swirl and move in a way that is very deeply relaxing, but at the same time energizing them.

I have to agree. The feeling of these voices moving around inside my head feels like a massage. Maybe it is the combination of vibrations, binaural beats and the variance of the pitch of the voice.

Whatever it is, I am sure you will like it as well... some people even tell me that it feels so good that they crave it. Start your morning with this, or take an afternoon break.

Manifest Everything- this is not your usual manifesting session. This creates a deeply altered state where you will focus on what you want to create. It could be simple, like eating more veggies, or loving to exercise, or it could be grand and wonderful, like attracting a business breakthrough or landing a big new job, or even manifesting a new house or car.

Here is the great part. The second voice implants suggestions about being worthy of wealth, being loved, creating excellent health, and feeling a core worthiness that makes you attract your desired outcome without sabotaging it due to unworthiness.

Use this every day. It is an experience you will come back to again and again!

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Manfest trance double
Reviewer: nic from miami Beach, FL United States  
I have to say I really enjoy this one and I have several of her downloads , I felt like my brains was being touch and that everything will be just fine and work itself out after listening to this, don't get me wrong hard work must also be undertaken to get what you want but just being able to know in your mind what it is and having that feeling of it coming is great. I gave 4 stars because I just started and so things have not really began to take come into play as yet but I have 100% feeling that it will soon, also I think wendi is great because I have paid loads of money to other Hypnotherapist and nothing ever really changed but after buying several of her cds / downloads I feel more awake and certain that in the last several years, I make her downloads a part of my daily life. It works and she is great I will save up to attend one of her seminars.

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