Borrowed Genius Hypnosis Download - Wendi Friesen

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Borrowed Genius


Do you feel stuck and blocked?

Have you tried everything to clear  your mind and find creativity?

Do you feel there is more creativity in you but you don't know how to find it?

Open your mind and soul! It is all about to change! 

Get into a highly creative state.  Put on the head of a brilliant thinker and re-invent the wheel or understand the theory of relativity. Make your creative ideas explode.

This is a single session from the Creative Genius program.

In this hypnosis session you are about to enter your  most creative and brilliant state

 Just put on your headphones, take a deep breath, close your eyes and let yourself enter a powerful state of trance.

You will find yourself in a powerful state of flow, immersed in a highly creative state. Next you will open your eyes and write and create. You may be amazed at what you create. 

Everyone knows that there is a creative state that can be accessed when you daydream. Sometimes it is hard to get into it and your inner critic prevents you from experiencing the highest state of creativity.

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