Anger Into Power- Hypnosis download

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End your Anger & Find your bliss

Are you angry at the drop of a hat?

Do you lose your temper easily and regret it later?

Are you feeling turmoil inside because stress and a short fuse?

Time for a major readjustment and the end to anger and impatience! 


Stop the patterns that make you angry and learn to create a positive and understanding nature when face with challenges. An extraordinary experience into the causes of anger and the release of the triggers.

If you have not yet experienced the blissful, peace of mind you can have when you let go of anger and judgment, now may be the perfect time. 

You really can become patient from the inside, let go of the things that used to make you angry, and enjoy your relationships a heck of a lot more. Let the melting of your bad mood commence. 

I can transform you into an angel with the patience of a saint. I really will help you let go of memories that used to make you mad. You will be amazed. Truly, honestly.

When you get angry and lost your temper you give up your clear headed thinking. You become flustered and emotional and lack control.

This hypnotherapy session will help you shift from anger to power. You will be more focused, and you will be able to channel this energy effectively. Not only is a state of anger debilitating, but holding onto anger is also very unhealthy. This will help you channel your anger into patience and power. Harness the energy that you normally feel as anger and use it to be more effective. You will be amazed by the difference.

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