Self Hypnosis Mastery 1 STREAMING - by Wendi Friesen

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Learn Self Hypnosis on Video
This is a 2 hour INSTANT STREAMING video with 30 day access.

Learn from the Expert.

Wendi will teach you to become a master of your mind!



Self Hypnosis Training Streaming, 2 hours

A powerful and effective, step by step method to learn and MASTER the art of self hypnosis.

Ready to be your own hypnotist?


Even if you have NEVER experienced hypnosis before, you will learn how hypnosis can CHANGE YOUR LIFE, in an easy step by step format.
Two Hours of mind training to make you happy, healthy. smarter and sexier!

Wendi will actually lead you into trance several times, and set triggers for you to use later that will put you quickly into trance. Going into hypnosis on video is extremely effective because you are actually watching and listening as you are lead into trance.

Once you are in trance, Wendi will teach how to apply self hypnosis to help you in so MANY areas of your life.

Learn the advanced skills to -

Overcome health issues

Sexual dysfunction

Memory enhancement

Sports excellence

Releasing fears

Increasing confidence

and much more.

This very full TWO HOUR video contains unusual techniques that have been created by Wendi during her years of private practice and training courses for Hypnotherapists.

You will become a master of your own mind
and be able to understand how easy it is to


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