Emotional Freedom Technique Video- Instant Streaming, by Wendi Friesen

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Emotional Freedom Technique
Streaming - Part 1 and 2 - Learn how to use this on yourself and help others.
Instant streaming access for 30 days

Have you heard people talking about this amazing lesson?

      Would you like to learn the secrets of the tapping technique?
             Would you like to master this emotional release?

(Originally known as Thought Field Therapy), EFT was created by Gary Craig. This is an extremely valuable tool for every therapist.

Learn the most effective aspect of the program and the integration of EFT with regression to cause and emotional release. This one hour video will teach you everything about HOW to do the therapy quickly and effectively without the fluff.

In this video you will experience Wendi's great teaching style that will simplify the process and also teach you how to use this therapy on your clients.

A chart is included with the video that will help you to find the tapping points. This video also shows how EFT can effectively be used to regress to the cause of a problem.

This is a great method that every therapist should understand.


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