Past Life Exploration- Hypnosis CDS- By Wendi Friesen

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ast Life

Have you ever wondered if you might have been alive before this life?

Do you want to find out who you were in a previous life?

Discover the ability to release past life conflicts with hypnosis!

This program will help you find the meaning and purpose in past lives.

CD set
If you have ever been curious about Past Lives and your life beyond this life, you will love this exploration series. 

In my many years of seeing clients, I have always been amazed at the spontaneous past life regression that happens when a person goes into another time and place without expecting it.

When your mind and spirit travels to another life you may find that you need to sort out something that is relevant to our current life.

My clients have overcome serious physical issues during past life regression, and they feel it is because they are able to heal or resolve the past issue that they brought into this life.

On these sessions you will begin to find out what your feelings are about past lives and then learn a method of going back through time by creating a time line of your past.

You will also experience a past life technique that takes you into a white room to be guided to the doors of your past.

You will experience a gentle way to resolve past life issues and bring understanding to these conflicts and unresolved past lives with the help of a wise sage who brings you to wisdom you need to bring these past experiences into a positive light in your current life.

This is an in depth exploration of what may be a life changing journey for you. Find out if you have lived before. What lessons did you learn in your past?

What struggles did you come into this life with? What relationships are still strained due to past life issues?

You can resolve many of these issues and find more peace and balance about your spiritual journey in a physical world.

The sessions on this  program are-

1 About Past Lives, real or imagined?

2 Creating a deep trance state to access your spiritual world.

3 Time Line to your past- travel back in time.

4 The White Room- feel the essence of your spiritual self as you journey to the past

5 Temple of Wisdom- meet your wise sage who will bring understanding to your past and current life.

6 Chakra Cleansing- Create emotional and spiritual clarity.

I am sure you will enjoy this experience and it might be a real change in the way you experience yourself, your relationships and your thoughts about the future!

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