Brain Massage Download- Core Needs

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This session is a double voice session that is from the Brain Massage series. You will need headphones and a place to totally zone out.
People say that they go into trance fast and deep, but the most amazing part is how it feels like a massage inside of your head.
This is sure to cure whatever ails you.

Core Creation-

If you could remove all of the outside influences, the negativity, opinions of others, the media and advertising, and find your true self… who would you be?

If you were not influenced by the need to buy more things, or you were not coerced to make decisions based on what others feel you should do- who would you be?

What will you think, when you really think for yourself? Will you let go of addictions, bad habits, compulsive behavior?
Will you seek out good health and love to eat nutritious foods, or will you suddenly realize how content you are with a simpler life?

When I recorded this, I began to wonder what we would be in our natural state. If we are born to want to survive, we would seek out healthy foods, we would get strong and fast, and we would make decisions that support health and strength. This hypnosis session is all about you finding out, at your core, who you really are. If all goes well, you will find that you desire nutritious foods, water, exercise, and will not feel influenced by what other people or the media says you should think.

Sound intriguing?

Get it now, download it and put on your headphones. Your brain will love you for this.

Manfest trance double
Reviewer: nic from miami Beach, FL United States  
I have to say I really enjoy this one and I have several of her downloads , I felt like my brains was being touch and that everything will be just fine and work itself out after listening to this, don't get me wrong hard work must also be undertaken to get what you want but just being able to know in your mind what it is and having that feeling of it coming is great. I gave 4 stars because I just started and so things have not really began to take come into play as yet but I have 100% feeling that it will soon, also I think wendi is great because I have paid loads of money to other Hypnotherapist and nothing ever really changed but after buying several of her cds / downloads I feel more awake and certain that in the last several years, I make her downloads a part of my daily life. It works and she is great I will save up to attend one of her seminars.

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