Lady Love- Silk Scarf large


Original Art by Wendi
Created and painted as an inspiration to our sisterhood. As women connect and embrace their beauty, they share their unique journey and vision.
Each woman in the painting has a story and expresses it in this mandala.

INCLUDED- The meditation session created by Wendi. This is a special session that opens your heart to embrace your love, connection, growth and joy.

Listen to the Meditation session. (download MP3)
Look at the scarf and feel it sharing the connection and meaning.
Feel the message connecting with your sacred feminine soul every time you see  and feel this beautiful celebration of women.


Artwork printed on 100% silk and finished into a lovely square scarf. Choose from our different silks; silk habotai, silk chiffon, silk charmeuse and polychiffon. Machined baby rolled edge hem finish.

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