Karma of Kindness- hypnosis CD

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Karma Of Kindness - CD

Using your compassion and kindness towards anyone
and everyone will make a big difference for you and everyone around you. You will become an inspiration to others to show generosity, kindness, compassion and love.

Ever feel stuck feeling negative towards everyone?

Ready to release negativity and judgment towards others?

Would you like be more patient, kind and understanding?
This program might just change your life. If you often think negative
and feel its hard to see the positive side, you will love this!

Take a deep breath, feel the love!
This Hypnotherapy session will help you see the good in others, feel the love and connection of another person through understanding their thoughts and motivations. You will learn to release judgment and be kind in your thoughts and attitudes.

If you were a negative thinker you will be able to stop seeing the bad in others and choose to see the good in others.

This is a wonderful experience for us all!
You will naturally and gently change your thoughts about others.
Our customers tell us that this creates a huge change in their lives and in their relationships.

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