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Freedom from drugs

An powerful way to create strength and self love while you recover from drug abuse.

If you have struggled with drug addiction you probably also deal with a lot of guilt and shame. You quietly tell yourself what a bad person you are or focus on your failures.

Restoring a state of mind where you are at peace and feel love for yourself again is the foundation of being in control and letting go of addiction.
When you are struggling with addiction you don't hear loving words from others and you don't say loving things to yourself.

This is an INFUSION of powerful phrases that put you in control, allow you to restore your emotional strength and to love being healthy without drugs.

As you listen to this you will hear me guiding you to acknowledge the things you love about yourself. You will hear strong phrases that are about you being done with your addiction and feeling healthy, both physically and emotionally.

In these sessions you will begin to realize that drugs are no longer a part of your life.
Freedom from Drugs can play in the background on your computer, or be with you on a walk. You might listen to this as you are falling asleep or put it on while driving to keep you company.

There are 5 variations of this Infusion.
All of the phrases are AUDIBLE - meaning that you can hear them clearly. There is no subliminal track.

Freedom from Drugs- Lively
This is the voice only, no other sounds. Let this play on your computer while you are working or when you wake up in the morning. As these phrases play on your computer or iPod you will find yourself agreeing and participating in the statements. Your thoughts about drugs will change to feelings of power and freedom.

Freedom from Drugs- Whisper
This session is the voice only. The phrases are said in a more intimate and quiet way, almost as if someone is whispering in your ear the words you long to hear. This session would be really great to fall asleep to.

Freedom from Drugs- Spirit
This is the same voice, but with music. The music is lively, sparkly and uplifting. The healing words and phrases are woven into the music.

Freedom from Drugs- Chill
This session is pretty chill. It is a fast rhythm that is jazzy and upbeat. Perfect driving music and great to use when you need to feel an infusion of energy. The phrases are woven into the jazzy chill style music.

Freedom from Drugs- Deep Trance
The whispered words are blended with a soothing and trance inducing musical background that includes binaural beats. These beats help your brain go into a super relaxing alpha state, then theta and delta. Going into these brain wave states is very restorative for your brain. If you want to wake up feeling strong and in control and free from drug addiction, use this at night or when you take a nap.
Can't sleep? You can use this to fall asleep to and if you let it play during sleep you will certainly awaken with a new sense of power and freedom from addiction.

**** INFUSION is a series of mind penetrating sessions that gently and quickly change the way you think about yourself. You will feel loved and worthy from the first time you listen. These are NOT subliminal. You will hear the phrases and feel as if you are wrapped up in a warm blanket of love.
**** INFUSION is available in these topics- Use Search to learn more about each of these.

Loving Words-
5 sessions for self esteem, self love and healing your hurt.

Freedom From Alcohol-
5 sessions that will restore your power, release alcohol from your life and make you strong.

Weight Relief-
5 sessions that will give you energy, get you to drink more water, workout and eat healthy and feel loved and beautiful.

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