Do It Now- Procrastination Cure Hypnosis CD set-by Wendi Friesen

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End Procrastination

Hypnosis to make you DO IT NOW

You made a promise to yourself to stop putting things off. You made it your goal, committed yourself, studied all about it and chose to stop procrastinating

But you are still putting things off.

What are you waiting for?

Can I hypnotize you to

Well, then. Let's get started!

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If you are sick and tired of putting things off...

If you seem to stop every time you start...

If you sabotage your efforts and hate yourself for being lazy...

You have come to right place.
Your life doesn't have to be a long history of unfinished projects, piles of paper, messy rooms, and self sabotage.

You can change it!

If you have tried other methods for ending procrastination and they have not worked, I can help.

Reading books, making lists, and studying about procrastination DOES NOT WORK! But, you already knew that! Because you are here, still looking for solutions.

This method is different. I know it works and I want you to find out how easy it is to make these changes in your subconscious mind and become a DO IT NOW person.

These changes can NOT be achieved by reading a book, creating a system, or making a list.

These changes can be made by finding the core cause of procrastination, self sabotage, and even lack of motivation. When the core causes are released and resolved, you can create powerful programming in your subconscious mind that will push you forward with energy and joy and focus, to get your life in order and make you LOVE to DO IT NOW. I guarantee it.

A very unique and powerful FOUR CD set.
TEN hypnosis sessions- listen while you relax! Only one session a day, about 25 minutes. You will feel different after your very first session.
It is all about changing your inner mind, not overcoming the struggle.
Make it easy. Find out why this works!

Why wait? Seriously.
Don't order this right now just because I tell you to,
do it because it is the right thing to do.

How does it work?
Using the techniques of Hypnosis and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) combined with Wendi`s discoveries that create deep and permanent reprogramming, these CDs will gently release your issues that keep you stuck.
Next, the CDs will create a positive and powerful desire to get things done. The best part is that you don't have to learn how, or put effort into this. You simply listen and let your mind resolve the conflicts that were holding you back.

Once that is resolved it becomes easy to let your mind focus on what you really want- a cleaner house, projects that you enjoy finishing, energy to get up in the morning, motivation to jump into your future with an abundance of energy.


And I guarantee that this will work. It worked for me and it will work for you.

FINALLY! You have waited long enough.
Here is a peaceful End to Procrastination .

What if you could SNAP your fingers and become one of those people who loves the thrill of getting things done.

Is it possible? I think so... read on...
Your ability to end procrastination depends on several factors. I think I have a solid system that will help you blast through these changes in a way that makes sense.

Introduction - Learn how the subconscious mind is motivated,and understand why it is so easy to make these changes without having to create a system.

Deep Trance Training- Teach your body and mind to go into and Alpha and Theta state. These sessions use a technology called binaural beats that are woven into the music. Binaural beats help your mind relax and achieve a state of trance, ready to make changes in your subconscious mind.


Why are you putting it off?- find out the real motivation or fear that is fueling your need to put things off. Find out how to resolve the conflict and make an agreement with your subconscious that will make you LOVE to get this done now .

Do It Now - Have you ever wished you could instantly become one of those people who jumps on a task and finishes it happily? Maybe you can. By the process of assimilation, you will integrate the skills of a DO IT NOW person into your own belief system. You will actually get inside the head of a highly motivated person, feel what they feel, think what they think, and feel the positive need to complete a task.

Put Stuff Away- A simple method to help you want to put stuff away. When you look at something that needs to be put away you will feel an instant feeling of joy as you put it away, organize it, or toss it!

Throw it Away - Let go... you can do it. The accumulation of stuff makes our lives heavy and burdensome. This will help you feel the spiritual lift that you get from cleaning out your house and your soul. I love this one!

Big Task Management- Feel overwhelmed because the task is just too big? Once your subconscious mind puts the project into chunks, and feels the reward and accomplishment of each chunk, you will feel an effortless and positive force moving you forward. Easy. Piece of cake.

Morning Meditation- Wake up to this soothing session that helps you gently put priorities in order, manifest your desires, and put you in a very productive state of mind. You will feel more peaceful and clear headed throughout the day. I promise.

Future Self- Meet your very organized, efficient and energetic future self. Install the personality traits, focus and clarity that will make your life easier. Then enjoy the unique integration process that is a trademark of all of Wendi's work.

Self Hypnosis- A session that puts you in a self hypnosis state, and allows you to make your post-hypnotic suggestions to yourself. Powerful mind you have there, kiddo. You might as well use it!

WENDI! I recently purchased "Do it Now" and it has CHANGED MY LIFE! Aside from finally keeping a balanced budget and doing my laundry, I have used the CD's to do everything from reduce my cigarette habit to meditate regularly. You have an amazing talent, and it has touched my life immensely.

I don't know how hip you are on the topic, but you should consider a set of metaphysics CD's for topics such as chakra alignment and cleansing to ASTRAL PROJECTION! I have purchased similar products from other sources, but not much success... something about your programs that just WORKS!!
Anyway, thanks again, and PLEASE consider the above types of products.

Thanks, tommy c.


Do It Now, End Procrastination
I Recently bought the Do It Now CD set.  I have been listening to them with limited success.  However, today I listened to Stop Sabotage and I figured it out!  I am so overwhelmed by everything that the words that came to me were overwhelmed, scared, shield, running away, and I saw myself sitting in a protective posture with my legs drawn up and hugging my knees.  I believe what that part of me wants is for me to make lists, compartmentalize, and bite off little chunks at a time, like your other Cd''s say to do.  I would almost say that this is from listening to the other Cd''s, but those responses are what I normally do when something scares me.  From the earliest time I can remember I have run away from things I couldn''t deal with, starting with running away from home when I was a teen and staying gone two years.  To say my home was dysfunctional is an understatement.  I have refused to speak to family members for years because of arguments that I just didn''t want to deal
with.  Don''t get me wrong, I was never battered or abused severely.  But my dad was a typical Army officer, and never showed any affection.  Our house was always filled with chaos and tension.  So I just ran away.  I thought I had outgrown all of that.  I am 41 years old.  At work I am an extremely organized person, and I am highly thought of.  When I come home, it all just seems like so much!  Anyway, now I have a game plan and I am grateful.  This jumbled up letter probably doesn''t make any sense, but I am so excited.  I just finished listening to that CD, and can''t wait to go implement what I have learned.
I had such a productive weekend, and I am still very excited about it!  I made a list of things I wanted to get done, and used the suggestion to break the tasks down into small, timed jobs.  With this new approach and an understanding of why I kept putting off these monumental jobs at home, I expect things to keep improving.

LW from California
As a long time customer service professional I must say I''m impressed
that you personally jump in help insure your customers are getting their
questions answered ... I like that. (Your email to me is at the bottom.)

I first heard of you on Coast To Coast AM last year and liked your style
... I hope to hear you there again soon.  I reviewed your web site
products extensively.  I must admit though that I recently went to
another hypnotist in Sac ( I''m in Elk Grove ) primarily because I was
interested in training and they have in-house courses.  But after 5
sessions (bulk discount - should have tried one first) I''m very
disappointed in his methods, techniques, style and results so I came
back to your web site and ordered the ''Do It Now'' course and I like it
very much.  The reason I ordered that course (and went to the other
hypnotist initially) is because I was laid off a little over 3 years ago
and after taking about a year off to play I spent 2 years of hard core
job searching.  I kept having trouble keeping up my enthusiasm and drive
and my procrastination skills became so finely tuned that I could go for
days without actually accomplishing a single damn thing! My sequence of
day time TV shows was only interrupted by eating & smoking & and many
lively games of Solitaire on the computer, oh, and the frequent web
surfing marathon, and a lot more eating.

At the end of last year, after going through a grueling 4 month
interview process and again ending up as the 2nd best candidate I just
hit a mental block of some kind and could NOT for the life of my force
myself to sit down and write one more cover letter or send out one more
resume! I just couldn''t do it and was getting fatter and smoking more
and more.  What a mess!

Finally, in an unusual fit of activity and driven by the realization
that I had just withdrawn the last of my retirement account for living
expenses, I purchased your ''Do It Now'' course. And even though it took
me a full day to get started with it, it began helping almost
immediately.  No, it''s not a miracle instant fix and I didn''t expect
that but is was a miracle almost instant improvement and continues to
get better every day.  And, due to some of my earliest efforts after
starting the course I''m already in the midst of negotiations for a 6
month to 1 year consulting gig and will hopefully wrap that up next
week.  Furthermore, even though this is a very good bet I haven''t
stopped getting out more resumes, just in case ( previously once I had a
decent job lead I''d stop searching, thinking it would work out).

So, I wanted to thank you for your work.  I look forward to continuing
to use the ''Do It Now'' for a long time and especially am eager to get
your ''Quit Smoking'' and ''Weight Loss'' programs as soon as I start
working. And every other one that I can get my hands on, as soon as
possible. But my first will be your "Body Mastery Healing and Optimum
Health" because the stress, inactivity and over indulgence has put my in
a downward spiral physically, so I really look forward to that one.

Well, I just wanted to let you know why I appreciate you work and thank
you for the positive results so far and the improvements I''m sure will
continue to come.



  I bought your CD set to end procrastination.  And loved the Deep Trance and Self-Hypnosis sessions on CD no.4.  

Weird thing happened.  I have had deep lines in my forehead, like etched in stone and was thinking of getting Botox but I''m too stingey and am scared of anything that sounds like "tox".  After listening to several of your sessions in one night (between feeds since my baby doesn''t let me sleep anyway) I looked in the mirror and my face looked different.  True, I had given myself a suggestion in the trance that I''d have a "virtual botox" but every day (am I imagining this) the lines are getting less and less pronounced.  I think this is because of all the suggestions to RELAX my face muscles.  And isn''t that what Botox is anyway?  It paralyses the muscles and relaxes them, so signals can''t reach them to create the tension and wrinkles?  So here''s an idea.  You know how you give the suggestion that the eyelids are getting heavier and heavier and more and more relaxed, so relaxed and so heavy that you cannot move them even if you wanted to?  How about giving us a nice downloadable session where our forehead muscles are getting more and more relaxed - a deep trance for the forehead, so relaxed we cannot move them.  Hee hee.  A hypnotic botox.  So cool.  Pleeeeease.  Pleeeease.  Pretty please. 
Love your work. 

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