PK-Boardroom - Hypnosis Downloads by Wendi Friesen

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The Boardroom
Pocket Therapist

Become confident in the boardroom with this simple program.

Each Pocket Therapist session is only 3 minutes long. When you put on the headphones and push the button you will prepare to make a very fast shift in your state of mind.

You are confused. You need advice. You need it fast.
Meet your Expert Team of Advisors! Step into this boardroom and several intelligent and influential people will tell you what to do.

 It is like having a creativity team at your door, just waiting to solve your problems, or come up with ideas. You will love this one.

My voice will guide you into the fast trance, transform the bad feelings, stop the fear, even release pain, and put you in the state of mind that you love. Feel powerful, confident, relaxed, or even have a huge burst of creativity.


Do you need the Intro and Conditioning session?
The intro and conditioning session will train your brain to go into trance quickly so that you can enjoy your 3 minute brainstorm sessions.


If it was included in your previous POCKET THERAPIST purchases, you dont need it. BUT, if you dont have it, add it for just $1.00 .

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