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Getting Over the Loss of a Love

Mend a Broken Heart

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Are you hurting over a breakup?

Are you grieving over a death or loss of a friend?

Are you still depressed after a divorce?

Do you still long for your ex every day?

Is jealously destroying your life?

This program has several sessions that will take you from crazy, obsessed and lonely, to freedom!

Imagine what it might be like if you are totally released from the sense of loss and you have your life back. Your thoughts and feelings will be focused on what you do want and the life you deserve.

A wonderful way to feel better fast, after a break-up or divorce, a death or even the loss of a pet.

As you move past the hurt and pain you will begin to feel less attached to the pain,remembering the positive memories and feel more secure and begin to live again. You can find joy and relief, and even embrace the positive lessons from your resentments and hurt.

Five Hypnotherapy sessions. Some say this is a life saver.

The first session will help you put your past relationship into perspective, release the pain, honor the lessons and release your hurt. The Sacred Room Session will help you put all the memories and emotions into a special room, then disassociate from them and begin the journey into the future.

When the session takes you into the future your subconscious mind begins to feel the relief of knowing that you are no longer in pain

The second session will help you cut the cord that connects you to the pain. You may feel that you share a psychic connection that you are ready to be disconnected from.
Or you may feel this to be a metaphorical cord that sucks energy out of you. Once you do this session you will feel instantly lighter and happier!

is a very helpful method to detach psychically from the relationship. Some people believe that there is a cord that is created in a spiritual way that connects us even after a relationship is over. This process creates a very nice method of taking back your power, your thoughts and your feelings.

The next session will help you forgive and bring understanding to the loss. You can use this session to forgive others and yourself. Next, you will release the past. Painful memories will be replaced in your brain with positive lessons and new commitments.

The next session will help you release the negative anchors. We have emotions that are attached to the things around us, and those emotions are triggered when you see certain objects or your surroundings. This is an amazingly freeing experience.

Set yourself free. You will feel better in just a few days.

Session 1- Sacred Room

Session 2- Cut the Cord

Session 3- Forgiveness

Session 4- Let Go of the Past

Session 5- Release Negative Anchors

This program has changed people's lives and set them free from the pain.
This might just change your life, starting today!

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