Tremor Calming Hypnosis CD

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Hypnosis has been effective in calming tremors.
The mind has the power to slow down and even stop tremors and seizure related shaking.
Teaching the brain to respond differently to the signals that causes the tremors can bring calm to the entire body.

Research shows that hypnosis can calm the tremors that come from Parkinson's and other neurological problems. Use this CD 2-3 times and day and teach your brain to create the state of calm and ease of movement with a few deep breaths.

If you use this technique consistently you will train your brain to create a calm body.
Every brain is different and the causes are unique. The results of hypnosis for tremors can vary, but most people experience some improvement.

Please let me know how this affects you when you use it. If you feel it has created a positive effect, let us know if that happened after one use, or multiple uses. Also, let us know what type of condition you are using it for- tremors, twitches, muscles spasms, etc.

CD- Tremor Calming

1- Creating a calm brain and body-
This session will put you into trance and then instruct your brain to relax and release the cause of the tremors.

2- Disk of Light-
This is a calming session to deeply relax your entire body and create a healthier and stronger mental and physical state. Use this session to stop tremors by creating better communication with mind and body. This session will help make the tremor calming session more effective.

Hey Wendi,
I wanted to tell you about the success with the "Tremors" cd I got from you. A young gal that works at the espresso stand I used to frequent was having seizures. She had been to the doctor, and, after numerous tests, they hadn't been able to find any cause for them. The seizures were happening more often and starting to threaten her job. I bought and loaned her the "Tremors" cd and told her to listen to it. She was reluctant at first, but after some explaining of hypnosis, and how the mind works, she agreed to try it.
I am happy to say that the seizures went away! I think she had one or two more...listened to the cd a couple more times, and they were gone! She hasn't had any for a long time, and in fact, she just had a baby girl and feels great! Thank you so much for this cd and all you do to help people........................

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