Quit Addiction Fast- hypnosis

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How to quit an addiction
Online, 7 day program for freedom from drug, alcohol, porn and other addictions.

If you are struggling with addiction, there is a powerful way to stop your cravings and fear of relapse.

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Why does the Addiction Freedom program work?


If you have failed at rehab, cold turkey and 12 steps, what now?

I’m Wendi Friesen and for years I have had amazing success with addicts who are struggling. For over 15 years I have worked with clients using methods that change the way people think and create power and confidence in being the person they want to be.

I know about addiction personally. My son, who is now 25, has been an opiate addict for years. He has been in and out of jail and rehab and as a result I have learned first hand why most drug, alcohol, gambling and other addiction programs simply don’t work.

Drug and Alcohol rehabs have an amazingly low success rate, less than 10%! They are expensive and are failing our addicts. It is not really their fault. They are using the only method they have in most cases. They drive you to AA meetings, feed you substandard food and make you spend hours reading the Big Book. AA was created in the 1930′s. Most rehab methods are using the 12 step program created by AA and even though they know it is not working, they have virtually no other alternatives. We are living in a time where there are many discoveries about how the brain works and the amazing transformational methods of helping people to focus and direct their mind to have the feelings and thoughts they want. It is a shame that this is not the FIRST course of treatment for addiction.

Hypnosis and NLP are very powerful and effective for many issues, if used properly. As an addict, you must change the way your brain is reacting and responding to your environment, your compulsive thoughts, the triggers, the emotional pain, the stress and so many life events. If you don’t change the way your brain responds, you are going to continue to have the same struggles with addiction even years after being clean.

This is an evidence based approach to completely change the way the brain responds to addiction triggers.

When you release the subconscious responses, the brain changes the way it reacts and suddenly you realize that you are in control.

Are you ready to quit drinking without 12 steps? Are you struggling with Drug Addiction? Are you clean and sober, but still scared of relapse? Do you need a permanent solution to stop pornography addiction? Are you addicted to stress, gambling, or have habitual behaviors that you are unable to stop?

Change Your Brain- and change your life.

This method is based on the research that proves that our brain can dramatically change.

This program is a methodology that works for any addiction and the reason it is successful is because it is base on how the brain works. Using the scientific discoveries of the neuroplasticity of the brain, you will experience some rapid changes.

During these 7 days you will:

  • Set your intention
  • Create a Powerful commitment
  • Feel the confidence of a lasting change
  • Resolve inner conflict and self sabotage
  • Learn how to rapidly change your brain state with deep trance states
  • Release the habitual and compulsive thoughts that torment you

Did you know…

There are 7 things you MUST do to end your addiction. Your power to be healthy and free from drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling or other addictions is based on the science of how the brain works. Scientific research now proves that our brain is plastic- in other words it adapts and changes based on our thoughts, environment, and experiences we have. Neuroplasticity means that our brains change and adapts when new demands are put on it. Hypnosis, NLP and focused thought processing take advantage of the brain’s ability to change itself. You can remove the triggers and conditioned responses and transform the emotional issues that make you relapse. However, all the willpower, affirmations, hopeful thinking and meetings will not change these deep seated responses in the brain. The pathways are embedded deeply and your brain reacts instantly, before you even have a chance to apply willpower to your cravings. The great news is that my methods using hypnosis and NLP have helped 1000s to find freedom from addiction.

Are you ready to END your cravings, stop your fear of relapse, and finally feel powerful and in control?

Learn why you will never be free from your addiction if you don’t resolve these 7 issues.

I know that the next 7 days will change everything about your struggle with addiction.

I am committed to giving you an immense life changing week.
During these 7 days you will have a powerful commitment, a life long change, releasing of your inner conflict.
Are you ready?

How does Hypnosis affect addiction?

Your brain will achieve a complete state change that will release the habitual and compulsive thoughts that cause addiction relapse.

  • Daily Videos
    Start every day with a commitment as you watch the video. I will show you exactly what we are going to achieve each day.
  • Journal Writing
    Process your feelings, thoughts, and accomplishments and put your commitments in writing.
  • Audio Sessions
    My Powerful, proven hypnosis sessions will completely change the triggers, urges and subconscious reactions. You will feel better with every hypnotherapy session.
  • Community
    Get support, and be connected with others who have found amazing success with hypnotherapy.
  • Personal Assistance
    Anytime you need help, our staff is ready to help you personally.

End Your Addiction

Even if you have been through drug and alcohol rehab, or have been clean and sober for years, you might be like so many other people who are struggling every day to try to make it til midnight. Even though your drug use ends, the brain’s responses to triggers may not have changed.
Learn why you will never be free from your struggle with addiction if you do NOT resolve these 7 issues.

Let me show you why these 7 principles are needed for success in overcoming addiction. After you understand these concepts, you will understand why rehab often fails.
Do you want to be powerful, healthy and in control… and free from addiction forever?

Let’s get started!

When you watch the video you will understand how critical it is to transform the brain’s unconscious response to emotions, triggers and conditioned responses. Your beliefs about addiction, core values, self sabotage, self talk, expectation and environmental triggers all lead to success or relapse. Let me show you these 7 principles that expose the reason that rehab is not working, and why you will be able to be powerful, healthy and in control… and free from addiction forever.

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Here is what you will be doing each day.

Click on each day to see the full program for each day.

Day 1 – Nutrition Getting started, you will want your brain and body to be in good health. Using powerful nutrition can eliminate physical cravings and help get your body feeling better fast.

Day 2 – Expectations What is your intention? Have you ever mapped out your intention and set it in motion? Change your deepest motivation and expect to be successful this week. I will show you how easy it can be.

Day 3 – Beliefs and Values Your core beliefs determine your values, and your values determines your actions and behaviors. Instead of trying to change your actions first, change your beliefs and values and the rest gets easy.

Day 4 – Time Line Journey- Letting Go of the Past Releasing and resolving the past is a big part of making the change this week. This time line technique will be uplifting and life changing.

Day 5 – Time Line Journey- Creating your future There is something extraordinarily powerful about creating your future while you are in a trance state. This is an intense day that will change the way your brain perceives everything.

Day 6 -Triggers and habitual thoughts Compulsive thoughts and the old habitual patterns, emotions, and responses can keep you stuck. The techniques today will give you an unconscious and instant way to change the negative patterns into a powerful state.

Day 7 – Sweet Surrender! There is freedom in your new state of mind, and one of my favorite programs brings you to a state of sweet surrender and releif. Can life get easier every day? Can you handle stress more easily? Will you realize a sense of freedom?

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