PK-Life is Easy - Hypnosis Download by Wendi friesen

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Life Is Easy
Pocket Therapist

Short, quick, change your mind fast.

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Life is Easy!

If you constantly feel that life is hard, or that you have some really difficult challenges, it is time to change your mind.

This great pocket therapist session will help you to see things in a different light. When you feel that things are hard and you anticipate the difficulty and imagine all the ways that this will be hard, you brain complies. You put your brain and body into a state of stress, you are on alert, and always close to your fight or flight response being triggered. When that happens, you lose the precious blood to your brain and you are ready to be run.
However, that may not be the best mental state for most situations, unless you are being chased by lions.

Being clear headed, calm, expecting ease and moving through difficult situations with ease is what you will get from your Three minute therapist today!

I hope you enjoy listening to this one as much as I enjoyed making it.
After going through some agonizing decisions about what topic to do for the pocket therapist this month, and feeling stuck… it hit me!

It will be easy to create the idea! The ideas will flow! I realized that I could make it hard or easy, and choosing easy is well… easy!

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2.  Easy for you

3.  Push through your challenge, with Ease

4.  Double voice, life gets easier every day




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