Happiness 101 CDs- hypnosis by Wendi Friesen

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Happiness 101


Are you feeling sad and down?

Has life lost all it's sparkle and joy?

Is every day just the same thing and you are bored and out of energy?


This wonderful collection of session will allow you to experience the deep and rapid change that hypnotherapy can give you. Nothing else comes close to the power of using your subconscious mind to release the past and feel good again.

You can find happiness by changing the way your mind is working and get your attitude changed almost instantly.

4 CD set

Happiness 101
My selection of our best CDs in a single download, guaranteed to make you happy!

Love Thyself

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. We put ourselves down, compare ourselves to others, reinforce our failures and beat ourselves up. Well, I say it is time to be nicer to numero uno, your sweet little self. Next, get a firm grip on resolutions and follow this simple system to create, reinforce and activate your resolutions each month. You will be a human dynamo.

1 Intro to self talk
2 What to say when you talk to yourself
3 Resolution activator

Fun and Fabulous

Nervous around new people? Do you wish you could strike up a conversation with new people and be spontaneous? Well, you will. Become funny and interesting, using your excellent sense of humor to dazzle your new friends. What, you don't have new friends? Make contact! Instantly feel comfortable striking up conversations with new people, in the coffee shop, in the gym, on the street. And then if you think that you new friend is really hot, you will use your newfound Big Flirt skills to have some real fun.

1 Life of the Party
2 Contact- love to connect with new people
3 Big Flirt

Peace within

We can all use a little reminder that to forgive is divine.

This very special, spiritual, gentle process will help you bring forgiveness to a person that you have been holding out on. Next, how about forgiving yourself? That is often the hardest, and the most rewarding.

After you do that, take a spiritual journey of discovery with the Clear Plastic Bag. You will be very happy you did. Peace within will be yours.

1 Forgiveness
2 Clear Plastic Bag

Who am I?

Really, who are you? What if you don't like who you are, can you change? What does it take?

Learn the six elements that are essential to create permanent personality change.

Next, let go of the past and all the painful memories, things that you feel guilty about, blame and anger. You will love this one, since it brings a wonderful sense of relief. Now that you are ready to become more of who you want to be (but just don't know exactly who that is yet) you can go into the unknown and discover who you are as you find your dream. Beautiful thing.

1 Six Elements of Permanent Personality Change
2 Let Go of the Past
3 Find Your Dream
(Double Induction & Live Your Dream)




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