Depression Buster Hypnosis CD- by Wendi Friesen

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Depression Buster
Clear Plastic Bag

Create the ideal brain chemistry for mental health.

You can feel good again by changing and creating the optimum state in your body for good health. This CD will work with your unconscious mind to release the negative emotions, memories and traumatic events that can cause depression. 

Next, it will work to increase the cellular communication necessary to build your ideal chemical ratio for feeling well.

Our negative memories create chemical states in our bodies. When the negative memories are released and you start to focus on positive memories the brain changes the chemicals that it send to your body.

It is hard to get out of a depressed state because your brain is focusing on all the negativity and you continue to be flooded with the chemicals. 

This will help you dramatically shift the way you feel. I know it will be a life changer.


Track One: Depression Buster Introduction

Track Two: Depression Buster

Bonus Track on this CD! -

Clear Plastic Bag- 

A $29 value, free.


Discover who you really are.  This session will open your eyes like it has for almost every one who has experienced it. You will be relieved to find out who you are, your spiritual nature and the journey of your soul.

This session creates a new perspective, releases the feelings of being overwhelmed and give you a way to look at things as not who you are, but rather as experiences that you have.

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