Choose Your Own Adventure- hypnosis download

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Choose Your Own Adventure

Let your imagination soar! 

Free your mind to think WAY outside of the box.
Explore your mind, body and spirit in a very unusual way.
These three sessions will allow you to choose a specific outcome of your choosing, or you can let your very creative mind surprise you and give you a new power, new sexual prowess or heal an unhealthy aspect of your body.

Get all three sessions in a single download.

This is something different than  you have ever done.

It might just change you in ways you did not expect! 


You will create an electrifying new sensation and passion. As you delve deep into the sexual energy, you will enhance an aspect of your sexual nature. You can choose the one aspect you are going to enhance, or you can allow your mind to let you expand and explore without directing the thoughts.


Start with a focus on a specific part of your body, and then program the cells. 

Use this take an imaginary journey inside of your body and target some healing in specific areas. Use it for anything that you feel needs attention, to speed healing or reverse a condition you might have.


Let your mind take you to an ultimate feeling of power. Let this session take you to a place that represents power and balance for you. If you need to feel more powerful in a specific setting, like on stage, or at a meeting coming up, or inteview, you can guide the sessions. Put yourself in that place with your strength and commitment.

Self discovery never felt so good. 

These three amazing sessions will take you to new depths in hypnosis. Each one has a new ending every time you use it. Float, drift, bliss out and discover things you never knew were possible.

This journey is all about having a fun discovery. Enjoy it!