Addiction Freedom Training

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Addiction Freedom Expert
Join the experts around the world who are using the Addiction Freedom Program with their clients.

Full Training

New Online Training- You can start Today, continue for all 5 online video classes

Join our team of Addiction Freedom Trainers. 
We are now in 7 countries, and you can join us to be part of this movement to transform addiction treatment.
Team up with others in your community or start doing workshops on your own. 

START your training course with Wendi. 
Five video classes. Open your notes, print them out, get started.
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You can watch the recorded classes at your own pace.

Live access to our private group, Mastermind Meetings weekly, promotional materials, direct access to Wendi as you attend the classes.

Training, online- New Course
5 days, 2 hours in each class with Wendi

Full access to the online training course. 

  • Brochures for clients, treatment centers, doctors
  • Slide show presentation you can use -powerpoint and keynote format
  • Pre-written letters to doctors, treatment centers, jail staff, etc.
  • Mastermind Meetings each week, attend live or watch recording
  • Private group interaction with our team website, with massive resources
  • Testimonials of clients with over 10 years of worldwide success in drug and alcohol treatment
  • A powerful methodology that will inspire confidence in your clients
  • Client workbooks- beautiful full color workbook to guide your client in each session.
  • Referrals! You are on the on the team with our referral network including your page at

Basic Training, 10 hours. 2 hours per day, online recorded video.
5 training sessions, total. 

BONUS MATERIALS INCLUDED! I ship this package to you, anywhere in the world.

4 Client Workbooks value $80
10 Sets of brochures, 3 pages each value $18
1 Training Manual value $149

Basic Training Class Online, 5 sessions, 2 hours each. 
Mastermind Group access
Marketing strategy and action steps
Business card, postcard, and more templates
Marketing plans, letters to send to physicians, creative ways to be an expert

Get the entire package with starter package, online classes, mastermind support group online.

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Entire package with your training Online. Includes personal support with Wendi and with our team of geniuses in our Mastermind group on Facebook.


5 video training classes
2 hours each
Reading and study from your manual
Audio Mastermind training sessions

Attend, participate during class. 

Watch recorded class to catch up or review.
The materials, included the workbooks, manual, brochures and shipping cost is included. 

Important - 
This training is for Hypnotherapists or those who are counselors or coaches who are trained in seeing clients. 
Your training includes a system that is a process to do Relapse Prevention work with your clients. You are not treating addiction or offering medical advice. Your clients will have already quit drinkings, drugs or detox. Relapse Prevention is the most important part of getting clean and sober and staying clean and sober.

You will be able to market our program as a facilitator to physicians, addiction doctors, treatment centers, outpatient programs and private clients. 

Your training will give you choices to see a client privately for a 4 day intensive program, a 1 month supported program, a 3 month supported program. You will also be qualified to lead a group intensive for 4 days, that will take your small group through the entire process and give them the transformation they need to succeed. 

It is important to understand that you are offering a very valuable methodology that does not exist in treatment centers or addiction treatment programs. You will be joining our existing team with experts who are seeing clients and doing this powerful work. 

New Dates posting soon for Live classes

Friday Morning- attend free from 9 am -11 am
Introduction, Understand Hypnotherapy for Addiction
Results,  Why the Current Treatment Methods Fail
Science, How Hypnosis Affects and Changes an Addicted Brain
Application, Use of Hypnotherapy in Treatment Centers, with Private Clients, Groups, in Jails, Schools
Coaching- How to use Addiction Freedom as a Coaching Course

9 am -11 am Free to all, introduction
11-12 Training fundamentals
Lunch break
1 pm - 6 pm

9 am - 12
1 pm - 6 pm

9 am - noon
Lunch Break
1 pm - 3 pm
3 pm- 6 pm Strategy session and Mastermind for trainers

Complete by the following Friday- Certification exam online

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Addiction Freedom and Relapse Prevention Expert

We are accepting new members to join our worldwide team of experts. The Addiction Freedom trainers are now in 7 countries.
Join our team of experts and find out how powerful you can be as a Relapse Prevention Expert.

Total cost $1327 --  
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Your enrollment includes:
Come to the live training event. Spend 3 days learning, practicing, mastering and brainstorming.
Attend again! Come live to any workshops, no extra charge.

Only $597 -
Included in your training fee, you get the materials, marketing brochures, client supplies and more.

  • Addiction Freedom Training Manual.
  • Four Client workbooks.
  • 20 sets of the Three page Brochures.
  • Alcohol Freedom CD program.
  • Powerpoint presentations, done for you. Use these for presentations to your local groups, clients, workshops.
  • Your Mastermind Group, a private group of brilliant colleagues. Share ideas, get prewritten cover letters, be motivated, set goals, team up. This group is really doing amazing things. YOU NEED to be in it. This is the ACTION that will launch you into a succesful business as an expert.
  • Business card templates. Postcard templates.
  • Tickets you can print and give to your local community (doctors, counselors, treatment centers) for your workshops.
  • Learn Online, live with Wendi, with live chat and video.
  • Full access to all the recorded video training sessions.
  • EXAM- you pass the exam and get your certificate!
  • Weekly live Mastermind Meetings. Marketing, brainstorming, problem solving and motivation!



Marketing Tools
Create a powerful and profitable business, using beautiful color brochures, workbooks for your clients, presentations for groups. You will be a respected expert in relapse prevention!

Addiction flyer v3 small

Implement several choices of business models. Offer plans for private clients, groups, presentations.
You will even have a business plan for opening a Relapse Prevention center that could be a powerful and very profitable business.

PAY IN FULL OPTION- Includes entire training, materials and mastermind weekly sessions.

You can attend any future live training at no cost.
There are no refunds for the training or materials under any circumstances.
You receive personal support through our private member group, for ongoing help with clients, marketing, education, and other needs.