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$149 for the entire course.
Same full 14 day course (sold at $297) but with online
coaching by email and video conference.
You will have direct access to the community forum
and your hypnotherapist or coach by email. 
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## Personal Phone support daily is still available for $497 ##

Over 50 hypnotherapy sessions to download- instant access!
Over 20 videos to teach you how to stay clean, sober and really happy.

Powerful Daily lessons, workbook and journal, discussion groups with the other members and daily live support and coaching.

Night Hypnosis sessions, to help you sleep deep while every night you are reprogramming your brain to let go of addiction and love your life.

Morning Meditation sessions, each with a new topic to make your morning special and carry you through your day with a new attitude.

Watch this presentation and find out WHY it works, HOW it was created and WHAT it has done for thousands of people who have given up hope. 

No matter how many times you have failed, there is a better way to change, from the inside out. You will come out of depression, feel alive again, be strong and healthy and have a commitment to live a life you love.

Tell your friend who needs help. They will love you for it! 

What's in the course?
(by the way, it is really easy, just log into Day 1 and start)

Introduction- Day 0

  •   Freedom Intro- Video. Getting started,  Brain nutrition and repair.
  •   Brain Repair- Nutritional Supplement list to repair neurotransmitters, dopamine, and deficiencies caused by drug and alcohol use.
  •   SURVEY- Getting to know you, your personal needs, detox.
  •   Ready? What creates success for you?
  •   SURVEY- How ready are you? 
  •   Hypnotherapy- 1 week into the future
  •   Day 1- Video- Making a deep decision
  •   Day 1- Fork In The Road, Hypnotherapy session
  •   Day 2- Video- Create your future, How it changes your brain
  •   Day 2- Hypnotherapy- Future Time Line, A New Reality
  •   Day 3- Video- Past Time Line, Healing trauma, blame and guilt
  •   Day 3- Past Timeline Hypnotherapy, NLP session Swish
  •   Day 4- Future Self- Video, Why Your Identity has to change
  •   Day 4- Identity Future Self, create new beliefs, values and core.
  •   Day 4- The Addiction Zapper- Stop Cravings Instantly
  •   Day 4- Alcohol Zapper OR Drug Zapper hypnosis
  •   Day 5- Video, Self Sabotage. Finding the hidden reasons for failure.
  •   Day 5- Parts Hypnotherapy, Resolving the positive intention.
  •   Day 6- Video, How to Create Powerful Core Integrity
  •   Day 6- Integrity gives you power, Hypnotherapy session
  •   Day 6- Self Talk, transforming negative into positive
  •   Day 7- Truth- Creating a commitment to be truthful;
  •   Day 8- Video- In a Rut? Get Unstuck 
  •   Day 8- Video- Release the pain of memories and negative events
  •   Day 8- Release The Past, Hypnotherapy
  •   Day 8- Resolution Activator, making deep decisions, Hypnotherapy
  •   Day 9- Video, Stop the Triggers, dissolve the anchors
  •   Day 9- Triggers- Clear the connection to triggers, Hypnosis
  •   Day 10- Video, How forgiveness changes everything
  •   Day 10- Forgiveness, Hypnotherapy- Love Yourself, Hypnotherapy 
  •   Day 11- Kindness, connect with your compassion and patience
  •   Day 12- Temple of Wisdom, Hypnosis, Meet your wise sage
  •   Day 13- Bliss Meditation, How to Start Meditation
  •   Day 13- Three Meditation Sessions for deep peace, happiness
  •   Day 13- Video Sweet Surrender, how to shift your state, fast
  •   Day 14- Sweet Surrender Hypnosis, instant bliss
  •   EXTRAS- Each day has a morning wake up energizer session, each with a specific theme and topic. 
  •   EXTRAS- Every night you will fall asleep to a hypnosis session that infuses your mind and soul with the freedom and strength that changes you while you sleep. Seven different topics.
  •   EXTRAS- The Hypnotic Infusion sessions, to use anytime you need to hear the words that fuel your deep change.
  •   EXTRAS- Quick State Change, Life Is Easy- Pocket Therapist quick change hypnosis sessions

The Workbook. Your guide to understanding why the methods of AA/12 step actually worked in contradiction to how the brain and mind works to get healthy. Daily lessons that will make you LOVE being healthy and strong, free from addiction and growing into the person you are proud of. 

You can spend a month in rehab, leave your family and your job, be forced to have no contact with family, friends or your job.
You will attend 12 step meetings and learn that you are forever damaged, diseased and ALWAYS on the verge of relapse. You will have to believe you are powerless, and that one drink is going to throw you back into hell.
You will create a powerful identity anchor attached to your name, stating every day that "I am Jason and I am an alcoholic", and you will be carrying that with you for life. Maybe you hear your own voice rattling around in your mind forever, every time you hear your own name... "I am Melissa, and I am an addict" and you can't shake it. 
You can do something that works, that heals your past, that creates the future you want and deserve, and actually makes you a better person. And attached to your name, your deepest identity, your very soul... is that you are Strong, Healthy and In Control. 

Deep breath... this is going to be easier than you ever imagined. 
Need a big nudge?
Take a hypnotic trip into your future. 
Go to ONE week in the future and see,
feel and experience who you are when
you are free from drugs or alcohol.