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Nutrition to repair your brain- Addiction Freedom Course

Your brain and body is deficient in many nutrients from drug and alcohol abuse. When most people choose to quit drugs or drinking they are putting more stress on the body and brain and there is usually nothing being done to help heal and nourish the organs.

This supplement lists the essentials that will help your brain to heal and recover from addiction. Many of these supplements will help to reduce cravings, restore brain function, alleviate depression and reduce anxiety. When you are getting clean and sober you need to give your body everything it needs to rebuild as fast as possible. 

You should do your own research for dosage and supplementation. You can find specific research and recommendations from Physicians and Naturopaths who are experts in supplementation for recovery. Many addiction physicians have the lists and dosages on their websites.

The following information is not meant to substitute for the care and professional advice from an addition nutrition expert, doctor, or nutritionist. Do a google search for “brain nutrition addiction recovery” and you can learn more about what you need to make your body and brain healthier during this process.

Addiction damages your brain and your body. And fortunately our bodies are very good at repairing the damage. Having the right nutrients will speed up the process of repairing the damage, and even more important will help you stay stronger during your detoxification and healing time. 

Your brain has been receiving it’s dopamine from the drugs or alcohol.  The ability for the brain to produce dopamine from the usual activities is very suppressed. If you are committed to overcoming addiction, you should arm yourself with good supplements and activities that will produce dopamine and start correcting your brain activity right away.

Here is a list of the basics for helping your brain to recover the dopamine production that is needed  so you won’t be craving it from the drugs or alcohol.

Dopamine boosters, brain repair
and amino acids

One of the first priorities is to boost your brain’s ability to produce dopamine. You also want to start repairing your brain and speed up the process of building neurotransmitters. It is known that the deficiency of a number of neurotransmitters in the brain is associated with alcohol abuse and dependence.

Limit your sugar intake.

Sugar interferes with dopamine production, causing the highs and lows and also can lead to a sugar addition due to the brain getting a dopamine rush from the sugar. Eliminate it completely, if possible. Avoid fruit juice since it is high in sugar. Eating whole fruit causes the natural sugar in the fruit to be metabolized more slowly and is a healthier option that juices or sugary foods.


Low Blood Sugar

When you have not eaten for 3 or more hours, your blood sugar begins to plummet. When you are in a low blood sugar state you are very susceptible to finding anything to relieve the stress. You will be nervous, cranky, irritable and have no willpower. Eat nutritious foods every 2 hours, especial protein. Avoid candy, simple carbohydrates, junk food and sodas. 



Tyrosine is an amino acid that your brain needs to produce neurotransmitters. It is known as a powerful, natural anti-depressant. Some of my clients tell me they feel better in just a couple of days. Neurotransmitters help with mood regulation. Tyrosine is a required component for good dopamine production.

Take 1000 mg, twice a day. Take L-tyrosine on an empty stomach. Tyrosine needs the B-6 vitamin to carry it to the brain. Don’t take before bedtime. 

Natural sources of tyrosine include almonds, apples, watermelons, cherries, yogurt, beans, eggs and meats.

The foods do not have enough tyrosine to alleviate the depression and boost the dopamine when you are working on healing yourbrain from addiction, so be sure to use a high quality supplement. 



Rhodiola will increase dopamine sensitivity which helps with your enjoyment of food, sex, and other good things. It will also reduce cravings from addictions. It also helps to create new, healthy, neurological pathways.


Mucuna extract- Dopabean - Velvet bean

Dopabean is a brand name, but you can look for Velvet bean or Macuna extract. This is another powerful and natural supplement to recover and balance your dopamine production. Repairing your brain’s ability to produce dopamine is one of your highest priorities. 



Deficiency of magnesium can cause many problems, not just for addicts. It is vital to get magnesium supplementation daily. 

Magnesium increases dopamine and also is very relaxing to your muscles and brain. If you are feeling fatigued, nervous, anxious, have muscle spasms, palpitations, irregular heartbeat, depression… you might be deficient. Restless leg syndrome is a result of low dopamine and magnesium is a factor is correcting it. 

Omega 3 oils

Omega 3 in high doses has been researched for bipolar disorder, helping to stop the mood swings and regulate the brain. For addicts in recovery it helps to keep the brain balanced and level out the highs and lows. You don’t need high doses but you do need a regular dose of high quality omega threes. 

GABA  (you can get a Gaba and L-Theanine lozenge that dissolves in your mouth) 

A vital supplement in the research of addiction and the brain. This involves the brain's two major neurotransmitters: GABA and glutamate.

GABA is like the braking system for your brain. (gamma-aminobutyric acid)  It’s role is to keep glutamate, the main excitatory transmitter, from overwhelming us. Some research is showing that an addictive craving is the result of too much glutamate or too little GABA. Supplementation with GABA can help to balance your brain and stop the cravings that come from the glutamate imbalance.



5-HTP is the happy and calming neurotransmitter, it is creates serotonin,  putting you in a good mood, feeling relaxed and helps with sleep. It also helps to suppresses appetite.
Suggested use-
50–100 mg two to three times daily. For sleep, 50–200 mg just before bedtime. To help your brain convert it you need B-6.


Increases Dopamine Levels – L-theanine produces low enough levels of dopamine that it helps balance your mood.It also increases GABA Production. This is a good supplement for relieving anxiety. Some say that it stops panic attacks.
L-Theanine can mean the end to your  insomnia due to its ability to promote Alpha Brain Waves.


Niacinimde acts similarly to a benzo (tranquilizer) on the brain. It is very calming. It’s also been demonstrated to help abolish alcohol withdrawal symptoms in patients similarly to a lower level benzo medication. Do not confuse this with Niacin.


Zinc Picolinate

Alcohol and drug use causes a zinc deficiency. Low zinc levels can cause liver deterioration. Zin Picolinate is also calming, and helps with sleep and alleviating depression. Zinc picolinate can help prevent and treat liver disease and cirrhosis.


Vitamin C and Vitamin E

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), administered orally in high doses has been observed to relieve pain and reduce opioid use. Ascorbic acid at doses of 300 mg supplemented with vitamin E (5 mg) was orally administered in two groups of heroin addicts for a minimum of 4 weeks. The results indicate that high doses of ascorbic acid administered orally, may ameliorate the withdrawal syndrome of heroin addicts. 



Raw Vegetables

Raw vegetables have enzymes that feed your cells what they need to get healthier and repair themselves. Juicing or making green blended smoothies is a powerful way to get your health back. Fresh organic greens, with apple, celery, lemon juice, ginger, cucumber and beets will give you a day like you never thought you could have! It is important to remember that vegetable juices when freshly squeezed or blended, release the enzymes that are active for about 20-30 minutes. Buying juice in a bottle will not have this same effect. Freshly squeezed or blended is the way to go if you want the maximum effect.



Avoid taking prescription sleeping pills, since the risks and side effects can create additional problems during your recovery. There are many herbs that will help you with sleep. 

Look for supplements that have herbal combinations with these ingredients.
Valerian Root, Hops Flower, Skullcap Herb, Passionflower Leaf. You might want to avoid Melatonin if you need to be alert in the morning. Some people feel very groggy in the morning with melatonin and find it hard to wake up.

Sleeping Better With Hypnosis

The Hypnotherapy audio sessions that are mentioned in Part Three of this book will also help you to get to sleep and get deeper sleep. You can download them and start listening to them right away. 

Many people who have trouble sleep have found immense relief with hypnosis and meditation audios at night. Pain is reduced, compulsive thoughts go away, the body relaxes more deeply and  for most people it is the most restorative sleep they have ever had.

While you are listening to a sleep audio, your mind is absorbing the words and thoughts even though you are asleep. It is worth knowing that this programming is happening and if the hypnotherapist is good at what they do, they are sending positive and loving statements into your mind while you sleep.