Addiction Four Day Intensive

Four Day Intensive-
Quit drinking and using now

Addiction Freedom – The Four Day transformation course

If you are worried about your addiction or the addiction of a family member and you feel like you are ready to give up, this might be the answer you have been seeking.
The Addiction Freedom program is a 4 day class introducing a new approach to help YOU overcome your addiction by combining well documented and tested methods,

Over four days you will learn how your brain works, why most traditional rehab and 12 step programs have a less than 10% success rate and what you can do to get powerful changes in the way your brain prevents relapse. After this four day program, you will be connected with a caring coach who will support you every day. Our coaches and counselors know what you need to stop cravings, end the struggle and give you the results you deserve.

  • Do you wonder if addiction really is a disease?
  • Have you been taught that you are an addict because of your genetic make-up?
  • Do you feel doomed because you have an addictive personality?
  • Does the concept of being powerless or surrendering to a higher power feel wrong for you?


The Addiction Project was created by Wendi Friesen when she began to realize that in her field of practice- hypnosis, NLP, mental reprocessing- she was having amazing success even with addicts who had failed repeatedly at rehab.

The tools she uses are simple and powerful. The brain has the ability to make fast and powerful changes when the right tools are applied and using her techniques, many people who have given up hope of leading a healthy life have found strength and freedom.

If you are drinking too much or using drugs casually and feel you have a problem, this can help. If you feel hopeless because you have endured a lifetime of substance or alcohol abuse and you have failed repeatedly, this can help. If you don't think anything could stop your cravings or make you keep your commitment, this can help.

This is an alternative to the belief that you are powerless, diseased for life or will have to attend meetings forever. It is the solution you have been looking for. The Addiction Freedom course is a powerful way to transition from rehab if you don't feel confident after your drug or alcohol treatment program was completed. This could be the impetus that helps you stop drinking, or using drugs and puts you in control of your life.

Why does it work?
As an expert in the field of helping people change serious and lifelong problems, Wendi feels that you deserve a solid science based approach to ending your struggle with habits and addictions. This program is unique because it educates you on both the conscious and subconscious level. This approach greatly reduces inner conflict and will help you to consistently make healthier decisions for yourself based on desire rather than will power.

For immediate help with Alcohol Abuse, drug use or to stop your habitual drinking, you can get the Addiction Freedom Online Course, Start Today! 

Over 20,000 people in the last decade have sought out this program to help them create a solid belief that they no longer have to struggle with alcohol.

When you read their stories you will find out why it is so different and how it can help you in the privacy of your own home.

Four Day Addiction Freedom Course
Come to a course in a city near you that will put you in the strongest and most powerful state possible as you choose to be healthy and strong. You will be guided through mental processes to help you transform your mind and body and take back control in your life.

You might just leave with a commitment so strong that nothing can shake your confidence to live free from addiction. It has happened for thousands of people all around the world and it can happen for you.

Thank you for taking time to look for help.  Wendi Friesen is available to speak to your schools, groups, clubs or other organizations at no cost.

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