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A beautiful mind~
A peaceful spirit~
A stress free body

Get the entire 30 unique meditations, to Love Your Live
And the Free Gift- Wendi's Book- Meditation to Love Your Life.
And Wake Up Happy, the 8 sessions, wake up and use one every morning.

Meditation changes everything. The science of how your brain and body changes is extraordinary.

Now you can have 30 days of creative, unique and loving meditations and take the challenge!

The Challenge- In just 30 days will you truly Love Your Life?
I think you will be changed from the very first day.

Get all 30 meditation sessions, commit 20 minutes a day and see life through new eyes.

Value of 270.00 for all 30 meditations, Wake Up Happy, and Guide Book.
You pay only $67 and you can download it today.

Each meditation is guided to assist you in reaching deep states of introspection, curiosity, wisdom and bliss.

The voice guides you to look inside your mind and soul to find the experience that is just right for you in this moment. Each time you listen to a meditation you will experience a different level of awareness and have a new lesson and new inspiration.


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Description of each day-

Empty Your Mind
Begin with a simple meditation that will teach you to clear your mind and experience the stillness within. No matter how busy or cluttered your mind is, you will come back to this session many times to get the stillness and to feel the blissful pleasure of deep peace.

Look Deeper
A wonderful way to explore the answer you are seeking. You will be guided to look deeper, go beyond the obvious and see your personal truth that will open your mind.

Lighten Up
If you are taking things too seriously, feeling the pressure of too much stress and conflict, this will be your escape. Easily go beyond the physical stress and worry and feel the lightening as you lift your mind and spirit.

Feel the Tingle
Your body stores negative emotions and fear that affects every cell in your body. Releasing these chemicals of stress can make you feel a wonderful energetic tingle as you infuse your cells with light, love and energy. You might just tingle all day long.

Blow Your Mind
Get out of your head and blow your mind. Stop thinking so hard and expand your mind as you connect with all that the universe has to give. Bring new energy and life to your mental state and feel the magic as your mind is blown.

Laugh More
Is life getting too serious? We know the power of smiling, laughing and playing. Invite your serious self to take a break and listen to this meditation that will invite you to smile more, laugh more and play! This will stick with you for long afterward.

Wonder Why
Invite curiosity into your life. Be curious and connect with the sense of wonder that you were born with. As a child you knew how to ask questions, to wonder, to question, to learn and grow. Now you will capture that sense of wonder in everything you see and feel.

Wonder Why Not
Question it. Think beyond what you accept as reality. There is a need to know why, but maybe you will dig deeper to know why not.

Ponder More
Think deeper and illuminate your questions. Ponder with enlightenment and see new possibilities and let creative sparks fly!

Stretch Something 10
You are capable of much more and you know that you have potential that you are not even beginning to use. This meditation will invite you to stretch your thoughts, reach higher, think bigger and step way out of your limitations. So much fun.

Be Amazed 11
Simply put, this session will help you to experience something amazing. None of us really know what might amaze us, but this deep meditation will take you on an unexpected trip to something that might truly amaze you. It might be a surprise, totally unexpected, endearing and sweet, or edgy and strange. It will be your unique experience.

Be Amazing 12
From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, be amazing. Just sink into this meditation that infuses you with the right to be amazing. All day long after this meditation you will be walking on air.

Take Flight 13
Instant relief from the drudgery of life’s tasks and needs. If you feel you are being pulled in too many directions and need to get away fast, this is your ticket. Let’s fly. Just a simple but refreshing meditation to help you fly to the clouds and beyond.

Cry It Out 14
Sadness can be stuffed down and pushed into the recesses of your mind and body but how long do you really want to keep stuffing it down? Experience a gentle release of the sadness, fear, anger or guilt with this very personal and intimate release.

Let It Go 15
After you have let that tearful part express itself, it will be time to really let it go. What does it mean to really let it go and release an issue with love and respect? You are about to find out.

Find Serenity 16
This meditation will be wonderful to start your day. The inner serenity will create patience, insight and peace. This serenity will probably rub off on everyone and everything around you. Take it all in, you deserve a day of serenity.

Refresh 17
The beauty of a clear sparkling pool of spring water will be the focus of today’s meditation. This water will have life, youth, energy and put you in the highest state of health. Step in and explore a truly refreshing moment in your meditation today.

Blow Someone’s Mind 18
You have what it takes and now you will be guided to be your true and authentic self with confidence. Let go of insecurity and uncertainty and make your encounters today be filled with a quiet confidence. Be ready for a totally new experience.

Check Yourself 19
You have some quirks, some habits or personality things that get in the way of you being the awesome person you are. You will create a deep reminder to let go of the thing that you no longer need and be able to let your inner mind check yourself, while gently letting go of something that really does not measure up to your shining spirit!

Throw Caution 20
Let’s just throw it to the wind. Today’s meditation is about exploration. What if you were not holding back, what if you knew how to let go of worry, what if you threw caution to the wind and broke free from the safe and conservative life? Find out how a little adventurous spirit might fit into your new life.

Go In Silence 21
Silence creates introspection to find your true self. Even more valuable is the connection it can create. The most powerful connection you can have with others is from a place of silence. You will feel, hear, connect and share from a very different place.

Dare Yourself 22
Take just one little thing that you have been waiting to do, to create or to explore. Have a playful dare and find out what your most adventurous inner self will dare you to do today.

Shrug It Off 23
It is not that hard, but sometimes you make it just a little harder than it needs to be. Could this little meditation help you to give less significance to things and just shrug it off? Light, easy, freeing. You deserve this.

Take It On 24
It’s true, sometimes life is hard. Sometimes it gets really hard. You will reach deep and go to your bravest place to muster all your strength and wisdom that will make you unstoppable. An unpleasant task or a hard decision will be met with great power. A neglected confrontation will suddenly have the fuel to get it done and really take it on.

Infuse Your Soul 25
Your soul has needs. That special place is aching for help. The deep wound needs some love. Infuse your soul with the very thing it needs right now. Go inside and give yourself the thing that will make you feel content.

Smile For No Reason 26
Let’s all smile more. If your body could smile from the inside and show off the joy of a smile that expresses how happy you really are, others will see it. They will be infected by your smile and give it back to you.

Smile For Every Reason 27
This meditation will take you on a magical trip to enjoy all the things that make you smile, giggle and laugh. Your smile meter will be pegged as you get bombarded by the things that are worthy are a genuine smile.

Simplify 28
Yes, indeed, we can all use some simplifying in our lives. Choose simplicity and feel the relief of creating a simpler thought field.

Shop Less 29
Let go of consuming. Stop spending. Fill your needs with self love, acceptance and contentment. This meditation is a life changer, and since you have been telling yourself to stop buying stuff, you will probably thank me. A lot.

Love More 30
Love yourself more. Start with your deepest need, the need to feel true love for who you are and who you are becoming. Love, love, love. Because you are worth it.

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