Financial Abundance Trainer's Manual- download

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Financial Abundance Training Manual, Script book and Trainer's Guide

This is a script book and training manual package.

Instant Download -

The Financial Abundance program is great for group workshops. There are 8 sessions and you can do the entire program in one day, or have your group meet weekly.

Includes the client Workbook, and your training manual for facilitating workshops.
The manual gives you the exact things to discuss, present, review and the homework to give your clients after each meeting.

Eight innovative and unique sessions to use with clients privately, or in groups.
You will have the scripts to use with your group, as you have them close their eyes and experience the hypnosis session.
After the hypnosis session, your client or group members will do the writing in their workbooks and discuss what they experienced.

Marketing materials included! Be an inspiring speaker and a Money Magnet Facilitator.
There are flyers and marketing tools that you can print and distribute.

The package is only $49.00 and includes everything you will need to present this training to a group.

FIRST- experience this for yourself. You cannot be a great trainer if you have not done the program and had your own breakthroughs.

Purchase the Online Abundance program and experience the program for yourself! You will feel the inspiration, energy and excitement with each session. Get ready for some big breakthroughs! 

The Abundance course includes videos and audio sessions.
Start today. Click here -> Instant access here. YES YES YES!

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